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How many PR brands do you think you have? You'll be surprised!

How many PR brands do you think you have? You'll be surprised!

You have three brands, and each has it's own story you can use in winning good PR.

A Financial brand

Particularly at the moment as the world economy is crashing round our ankles, and the worries of any small business owners' finances are keeping them awake at night, people want to hear about what you are doing to manage the cash. Failures, successes, problems, solutions.

They all have a story and human interest that many will relate to. And 'relating to' means that people are reading about you...that's PR.

A People brand

You, your people, and even the company dog, all have stories to tell adding colour what your business is all about.

Nothing is of greater interest to a reader than personalities they can associate themselves with. The issues you face, the extra mile that your people have gone to in making a difference. Just think NHS right now. There is much less interest in the actual procedures than there is in the heroes performing them. The human stories of effort and commitment.

A Marketing brand

This may be all you ever think about, but it's not necessarily what everyone else is thinking about. You have to work hard at actually winning their interest. Don't assume that they know what your brand does. You have to tell them the story of what problem it solves, and why it should be at the top of their Christmas wish list. It's the story that will make your marketing brand work, not the colour of the packaging.

PR are is subtle art of you trying to get your potential customers to part with their cash. They will only do that when they know about you and feel good about you.

So, in winning them over use all the tools in your armoury, and remember two things.

  • Use all three of your brands
  • Tell the story so you win a round of applause.

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