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Affordably linking small
businesses with journalists
and the media

JournoLink is an interactive platform enabling you to manage your own PR and send out your business stories to journalists, broadcasters and bloggers

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Affordably linking small
businesses with journalists
and the media

JournoLink is an interactive platform enabling you to manage your own PR and send out your business stories to journalists, broadcasters and bloggers

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Publicity. It grows businesses. The more people know about your business, the larger your customer base becomes. But how do you get your business the publicity it craves without a marketing department and colossal budget? Journolink can help.

PR Toolkit

The JournoLink toolkit is a powerful collection of online tools, guides and additional features. Need advice on a radio interview? A television piece? Got yourself in print? Our online knowledge base ensures that you are fully prepared and ready to promote your business in the best light.

Press Release Distribution

Content. It sells newspapers, draws readers to blogs and gets the media interested. Small businesses have great stories and fascinating products, but we find often they have never written a press release or posted content online, because they don’t know how or where to begin. Journolink makes it easy.

Calendar and PR Dates

Knowledge is power. However we found small businesses are often too busy to put in the hours researching relevant industry occurrences and events for their company. This means that businesses can miss great opportunities for press coverage and exposure through awards, industry events and other relevant goings on.

What people are saying

I cannot recommend Journolink highly enough to anyone launching their own business. Not only has their hassle-free online service proven to be my No.1 business tool to link my news stories to relevant journalists, but alongside that, the entire team at Journolink persistently go out of their way to give continuous support to my business.

Ali Turner

I think Journolink is great because it gives Micro Businesses the opportunity to put forward their greatest asset, the quality that makes them unique and distinguishes them from much bigger businesses. That quality is their personality. By producing their own releases and publicity on Journolink, Micro businesses can project this real uniqueness and the personalities of the entrepreneurs behind the business. Journalists are always looking for this, because distinctive personalities create interesting news and stories

Tony Robinson OBE

I have worked with JournoLink in the not so distant past for the annual Women 1st Awards. Managing Director, Gemma Guise is a pleasure to work with and easy to collaborate with. I would happily recommend working with JournoLink in the future. In fact, we are working on our next project together already.

Simone Roche

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18 Jan 14:37

St Peter's Without Alcohol-Free Beer Signs Deals with Two Top Off-licences

Suffolk brewery, St Peter's, is celebrating two brand-boosting contracts with Oddbins and Majestic, which will help raise the profile of its alcohol-free...

18 Jan 14:33

PHROOTI Launches All-Natural, Fruit-Infused Water with Zero Sugar

All set to take on the sugary drinks giants and defy the pending Sugar Tax is PHROOTI, a brand-new range of glass bottled fruit-infused waters that are...

18 Jan 14:00

Can you be healthy and hygge?

Britain has fallen in love with ‘hygge’, the Danish concept of cosiness, which traditionally revolves around enjoying time at home with friends and...

18 Jan 12:45

Startup Funding Club holds the first Investor Event of 2017 at The Club at The Ivy

Startup Funding Club (SFC), an award-winning seed investment fund and network of business angels has held its first pitching and networking event of 2017...

18 Jan 11:15

Forum of Private Business welcomes Brexit clarity as Prime Minister sets out her plans

The Forum of Private business has welcomed the plans set out by the Prime Minister in her Brexit speech as ‘the best business could hope for at this...

18 Jan 11:00

GE Healthcare and NHS Trust acquire Active Commuting cyclist and runner hub facilities

Active Commuting Limited has now built three of their cyclist and run commuter hubs. Active Commuting is a British company which has come up with...

18 Jan 10:40

Serving attitude with our drinks: meet some of the Coyote Ugly girls at The Franchise Show

Year of the Coyote: Coyote Ugly Opens First Three Franchisee-Owned Bars & exhibits at The Franchise Show next month In its first full year of international...

17 Jan 12:15


The inaugural Charity Film Awards, recognising the very best films and videos that have been created for, or on behalf of, registered charities within...

17 Jan 11:30

Innovation Award Success

Just Cash Flow PLC has been named as "Best Cash Flow Lender" in the annual Trade Finance Global Excellence Awards by Trade Finance Global. TFG's...

17 Jan 11:15

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kenya Moore, reveals her fabulous new bathroom and kitchen

Kenya Moore is one of the most popular ladies in the Atlanta show which is the highest rated of ALL the various Real Housewives shows and it is currently...

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