Inspiring story: Susannah Davda of The Shoe Consultant

Inspiring story: Susannah Davda of The Shoe Consultant

What is The Shoe Consultant?

I’ve worked in the footwear industry since I was 16. Starting as a sales assistant in shoe shops as a teenager, I went on to study for my degree in Footwear Design. When I decided to start my own business, it was because I wanted to use my footwear expertise to help people. I help women to find comfortable, beautiful shoes through my Shoe Wardrobe Analysis and VIP Shoe Shopping services. I also consult for shoe start-ups and brands, helping them to make great looking shoes which their customers can wear without pain.

What is the story behind the business?

Whilst working for an international shoe brand, I started volunteering for the amazing women’s charity Smart Works. My fellow volunteers and I would help women to find smart, confidence-boosting outfits for their job interviews. Giving my time in that way was very rewarding, and I loved meeting women from so many different backgrounds. I knew I’d need to set up on my own to achieve the same feel-good factor from my day job. Whether I’m consulting for entrepreneurs or helping businesswomen find shoes they love to wear, I feel I’m putting positive energy into the world.

How did JournoLink help you? 

One of my business goals has been to become the expert in the UK media approach when they need comment on footwear-related stories. With the help of JournoLink I’ve been interviewed on ITV News, two BBC Radio channels, and for numerous publications. My raised profile has increased business revenue, and as I’d hoped I’m becoming known as the go-to shoe expert in the UK.

PR is a great way of getting in front of your potential customers. The public is becoming more discerning, and don’t always like the feeling of being advertised to. PR is a softer, but often more effective way to increase people’s awareness of your brands and services.

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Visit the website: www.shoeconsultant.com