Top 30 journalists to engage with on Twitter for your small business [updated]

Top 30 journalists to engage with on Twitter for your small business [updated]

When kicking off your small business PR it is important to make yourself visible online, especially on social media. Twitter is a great platform to get your voice heard, share your views and connect with journalists.You need to follow and engage with relevant journalists by commenting and retweeting their content.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to create Twitter lists with small business journalists, as well as journalists within your industry sector. This way you will be able to keep up-to-date with their work, find out more about them and even see editorial requests.

To get you started below we’ve created a list of small business journalists who we feel you need to know.

1. James Hurley @jameshurley

Enterprise Editor at The Times.

2. Matthew Caines @mattcaines

Editor of Telegraph Connect (Telegraph Small Business Connect and Better Business Connect)

3. Hajra Rahim @hajrarahim

Journalist at Telegraph Connect (Telegraph Small Business Connect and Better Business Connect)

4. Yessi Bello-Perez @yessibelloperez

Editor at UK Tech News (UKTN)

5. Peter Evans @peterevans10

Enterprise Editor at The Sunday Times.

6. Angelica Malin @jellymalin

Editor-in-Chief at About Time Magazine.

7. Hunter Ruthven @hunterruthven

Editor at Real Business and Business Advice.

8. Emma Sheppard @EmmalouSheppard

Freelance journalist with The Guardian.

9. Emma Haslett @emmahaslett

Assistant Editor at City AM.

10. Kate McGough @KateMcGough

Producer at BBC Breakfast and BBC Business.

11. Elizabeth Anderson @lizzyandersonuk

Money and Business Editor at the i newspaper.

12. Alison Coleman @alisonbcoleman

Forbes contributor and freelance writer.

13. Rebecca Jones @R_mjones

Online Editor for Business Matters, Not Ltd & Travelling for Business.

14. Praseeda Nair @notpraseeda 

Editor at Growth Business.

15. Calum Macdonald @CalumAM

Broadcast Journalist at BBC Radio 5 live

16. Jon Card @joncard

Freelance journalist specialising in small business, enterprise and technology. Previously written for The Guardian and The Telegraph.

17. Lucy Douglas @lucydougtweets

Freelance journalist specialising in small business, health, beauty and travel. Previously written for The Guardian and Professional Beauty.

18. Amy Pay @YayAmyPay

Freelance journalist specialising in small business, travel and lifestyle. Previously written for The Guardian, Telegraph and Buzzed.

19. Lucie Mitchell @luciemitchell

Freelance journalist and editor specialising in small business and HR.

20. Rebecca Burn-Callander @sparky000

Freelance business journalist. Formerly Enterprise Editor at The Telegraph

21. Letitia Booty @LetitiaBooty

Special projects journalist at Real Business and Business Advice.

22. Megan Dunsby @meganstartups

Projects Editor at Startups.

23. Francois Badenhorst @FranBerBad

Business Editor at AccountingWEB.co.uk

24. Christian Annesley @annesleymedia

Freelance journalist. Previously written for UK Business Forums, BusinessZone and Computer Weekly.

25. Alicia Grimshaw @Alicia_Grimshaw

Deputy Editor at About Time Magazine.

26. Simon Caldwell @_SimonCaldwell

Business Journalist at Business Advice

27. Emma Featherstone@emfeatherstone

Freelance journalist (formerly Guardian Small Business Network)

28. Shané Schutte @ShaneSchutte

Senior Reporter at Real Business.

29. Hannah Smith @hannah_fran_

Freelance financial journalist and editor. Ad hoc producer for BBC Radio 5 Live.

30. Janet Murray@jan_murray

Host at Soulful PR business podcast, PR expert and freelance journalist. Previously written for The Guardian and Huffington Post.

By following the journalists above you will begin to see what stories are seen as newsworthy to a small business journalist and how your business can fit. In addition, you will find out what they’re interest in, their views on particular subjects and be able to start discussions with them. 

Many of these journalists are active users of #journorequest or tweet when they’re looking for small business comments or case studies. Even a quick reply to lead to you gaining coverage.The more you engage with journalists on Twitter the more opportunity you have of building a relationship and them being interested in your story

.If you would like to find out more about how to use social media in your PR strategy take a look at our infographic here.

Written By: Camilla Holroyd, Media Relations ManagerCamilla is the all-important portal between JournoLink's businesses and journalists; connecting them on a daily basis through press releases, Twitter engagements and editorial requests.