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JournoLink wins its place in the Everline Future 50 Awards

04 March 2016 10:00


JournoLink, the online PR platform which launched two years ago to help start- ups and established small businesses engage with the media, has been listed at the prestigious Real Business/Everline Awards ceremony, as one of the Future 50 businesses to watch in disrupting their industries.

With over 2,000 businesses now using the JournoLink platform, and over 6,000 journalists engaged, small businesses are now accessing the media in ways that have not been possible in the past.

Created as a ‘Dad and Daughter’ business, leveraging Peter Ibbetson’s experience in the small business market, and Daughter Gemma Guise’s PR skills, the company now has a team managing the platform delivery, journalist relationships, client relationships, social media and marketing.

MD Gemma Guise, who, just to add to the challenges of a business start up, also chose this time to have her first baby, commented, ‘Being recognised as one of the Future 50 means a huge amount to us. The whole team has been totally committed to the success of JournoLink, and each member has played their part in providing to small businesses a service critical to their growth, that was simply not available before’

JournoLink works with businesses in providing an online PR toolkit, which prompts the businesses on when and how to manage their PR. From the weekly calendar, to the press release template and distribution service, the editorial requests, the webinars and advice blogs, through JournoLink a business can now manage their own PR for as little as £25 a month, yet have the same access to the media as a large company paying thousands of pounds a month.

Businesses themselves have spoken out to congratulate JournoLink on their achievement. Ian Cass, Chief Executive of the Forum of Private Business added ‘The Forum of Private Business would like to congratulate JournoLink on the quality of work they are doing to support and help small businesses. They genuinely understand the needs of small business owners and the way their companies work, and as a result have helped many of them get their news and views into the media. They thoroughly deserve recognition.”

Brand Ambassador, Tetteh Kofi, himself a working journalist who has been with the business from the start said, ‘As a working journalist myself I can see the real value that JournoLink brings to small business journalism. Journalists can now access small businesses in a way that has not been possible in the past. Being included in the Everline Future 50 is evidence in itself that JournoLink has created a truly valuable service’

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About JournoLink

When small businesses told us that they wanted to get media coverage, but didn't have the know how or the budget, and journalists told us that they wanted more entrepreneurial business stories and spokespeople, but struggled to find them, we scratched our heads, sharpened our pencils and built Journolink.

A no-nonsense online service that links the businesses and their news directly to the journalists who want to write about them. That's what we set out to create, and that's exactly what Journolink does.

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