Media Database

Traditional PR is daunting for many businesses. Creating a media database to pitch your news stories and knowing where to send your press releases is challenging when you don’t have any particular PR experience.

At JournoLink, we work with organisations of all sizes on a daily basis so we understand that PR distribution lists are time-consuming and difficult to compile. For this reason, we have developed a product which makes building journalists and press release distribution lists easy. We provide you with a media database already put together and updated weekly by our team of experienced PRs.

No need to spend hours searching for media contacts and building your own list of journalists contacts. We do it for you!

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Build Journalist Contacts and PR Distribution List


A journalist database of 10,000 press contacts

At JournoLink, we are aware that compiling a press contacts list is very time-consuming, resource-needing and that not every business can afford a PR agency fee. That’s why the platform provides you with a PR database of over 10,000 journalists, bloggers and broadcasters, updated weekly.


A PR database sorted by sector and location

All the journalists and bloggers on our system are categorised by sectors and location to offer the best targeting possible. When sending a press release, JournoLink lets you choose the industries and geographical locations you want your press release to be distributed to and our intelligent targeting system automatically builds a media list for you. No need to look for PR contacts yourself, we take care of sending your press release to the right journalists and you can spend your time growing your business.

Add your own media contact lists


If you already have a list of media contacts that you would like your campaigns to be sent to as well, JournoLink lets you upload your own lists of journalists onto the platform. This way, you can manage all your PR campaigns in one place.

You can then set different distribution times for each of the lists. So if you would like one of your lists to receive your press release first and the JournoLink list after, it’s completely possible. Our system also scans your lists to make sure that your press releases are not sent twice to the same journalists.