Media Database for Agencies

Providing a full service for PR agencies, search the UK’s most accurate media database for journalists, bloggers and influencers, build your own press release distribution lists for clients and access an extensive list of Forward Features all from within the JournoLink platform.

Updated daily by our provider, the database has over 62,000 UK media contacts and over 65,000 Forward Features listed, covering TV and radio stations, national and local print, online trade and consumer publications, online news outlets and influential blogs.

With the addition of the media database, JournoLink provides all the tools to plan, create, manage and deliver an effective PR campaign for your clients.

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Bespoke journalist lists for Businesses

If you’re not an agency, you can still get your own bespoke media lists through JournoLink. Tapping into the media database, our team will collate a bespoke list of media contacts for you so that you can start to build your own relationships with the journalists that cover your industry sector.

This extra perk will take your PR strategy to the next level, giving you the opportunity to follow up or send exclusives to your choice of journalist.

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Bring your own contacts

If you already have a list of media contacts that you would like your campaigns to be sent to as well, JournoLink lets you upload your own lists of journalists onto the platform. This way, you can manage all your PR campaigns in one place.

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Send Press Releases to your own Media Lists

Giving you more control over your press release distribution, you can send your release to your own lists as well as the main JournoLink Distribution.

You can then set different distribution times for each of the lists, so if you would like one of your lists to receive your press release first and the JournoLink list after, it’s completely possible.

Our system also scans your lists to make sure that your press releases are not sent twice to the same journalists.

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