Have you sent a press release to announce your funding?

Have you thought about sending a press release to announce your recent funding? Read our blog to understand why it could be a great idea.

Businesses often struggle with ideas for their press releases as it's not always easy to find a story that can catch the attention of the media.

Yet, there are many types of news and topics that journalists would be interested in. A new funding is one of them. Have you thought about sending a press release to announce it?

Here are 4 things to think about when you’re announcing funding that your business has received.

1. Don’t just say that you’ve received funding:

It would be easy to just send a press release announcing that your business has received funding after a successful investment round or crowdfunding campaign, but if you remember the first of our five top tips when writing a press release, you’ll know your release needs to provide something unique or newsworthy.

Writing about what you’re going to do with the investment may be a good route, for example.

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If your business is writing new software that will revolutionise your industry, and you’ll be investing the money you’ve raised into growing your development team, make this the subject of your release.

2. Make sure investors are happy to be quoted:

Some investors like to keep a low profile so may not want to be quoted or referenced to in your press release.

Before you write your release, ask for their permission to be quoted. If they have a high profile in the business world adding their name to your press release, or even your headline, may drastically improve your chances of coverage.

In the majority of cases your funding will be from a number of smaller investors though. If this is the situation you find yourself in just including a short quote will suffice.

3. Highlight previous achievements:

Although it is dependant on the level of investment you’re receiving, press releases referring to a successful funding round do tend to receive more interest than more generic topics, so it may be good to highlight recent achievements which could have gone unnoticed in previous releases.

Remember to ensure your story relates back to your funding though, so maybe make comments about how you’re looking forward to further successes that will come with increased funding and investor confidence.

4. Make sure your headline is snappy and sums up your point

I know we keep stressing about how important your headline is: one of our infographics even gives you some quick pointers on how to improve the open rates of them.

But I’m going to go one step further now, so here are a couple of example headlines you might use for a press release announcing your funding:

  • FinTech innovators bring in £X to revolutionise the payments industry

  • (X industry) startup secures funding to bring its (product) to mass market

It’s important to take advantage of every opportunity your business has to increase its exposure, but it is equally important to remember that the press releases you do write and distribute remain newsworthy. Feel free to read our recent blog giving 7 ideas for your press release if you need inspiration.

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Written by: Ben Caine, Client Manager

As a former journalist, Ben has a keen eye for news. He is passionate about small businesses, and is the main point of contact if you need help making full use of the JournoLink platform.