What image should I attach to my press release?

When sending a press release, attaching an image is very important but it's not always simple to decide what picture to choose. Here are a few tips.

A press release should be an informative document that gives the journalist enough information to decide whether they wish to take the story further. Meaning there needs to be a few key elements included, such as a quote and an image. However, many small business owners often forget the latter.

When sending press releases it is important to help the journalist visualise what the article would look like in a magazine or online, as what attracts readers to an article is as much about what the page looks like than about the title alone. JournoLink's platform helps you to get the appearance right.

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Journalist’s have even told me before that sometimes they pick the right business by the quality of their imagery. Therefore, it is important to include high-res images in your release.

Below are a few elements to think about when selecting images. 

Choose a relevant image for your press release

It is important that the image you attach to your press release is relevant to the content.

For example, if the press release is about a new product launch attach an image of the product either in use or on a plain white background. If your release is about the founder, include a professional portrait or a picture of them working in the office - not the latest holiday snap.  

This may be more difficult for service-based businesses who haven’t got a physical product to promote, but we still suggest attaching a picture. This could be an image of your founders or you can choose a free stock image found online.

When choosing a stock image it is important that it is still relevant to the release. For example, if your press release is about social media then choose an image which is related to social media platforms.

image for press release    picture for your press release

Always select a high-quality image

The image you choose to attach to your release needs to be high-quality (i.e. in focus) and the focal point being the person or product you wish to show.

For example, if an image is blurry, too dark, overexposed or of the back of someone's head, the journalist will be unable to use the image in the magazine. Therefore, it is best to look through magazines and newspapers to see the quality of the images they’re already using.

example quality image for a press release

The size of your image is important

Images attached to press releases need to be high-resolution, meaning they need 300 dpi (dots per inch). You can check this by clicking on the image ‘properties’ and looking under ‘details’. This is important as 300 dpi is the correct resolution for print. If the image is too small it may appear stretched and blurry.

If the image is too large to send as an attachment, or you would like to send more than one image, it is best to send the images via WeTransfer or Dropbox.  

Ownership of your press release image

When using images in your press release it is important that you own or have rights to the image. Therefore, when hiring a professional photographer you need to make sure you buy the images and have their permission to use the imagery in your release. They will more than likely agree, however they may ask for the image to be credited to them.

Of course, you do not have the hire a photographer, you can easily create great imagery on your own. Just be sure to study the type of imagery already used in your target publications.

Prepare additional images to provide to journalists

Once you’ve sent a journalist your press release and they are interested in your story they may ask for further imagery, so it is important that you have this to hand and quickly send it to them.

For example, if they wish to use your product in a gift guide they may ask you for cut outs. Therefore you need to have a range of imagery depending on the journalist’s needs.

By following the guidelines above you’ll be able to create the right image to attach to your press release. You may also be interested in finding out how to construct an outstanding quote for your press release.

Use JournoLink to get your stories in the press

Easy-to-use, easy-to-learn publicity software built for small businesses.

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