Similarities and differences between bloggers and journalists that all businesses should know

A guide to similarities and differences between bloggers and journalists that all businesses should know when building relationships.

The line between what a blogger and a journalist means has become increasingly blurred since the first emergence of blogs in the 90s. Not only do the two overlap, but there are also several fundamental differences. It is important for businesses to consider both the similarities and differences when approaching either profession. Here is a quick guide to a few similarities and differences business should expect when working with and building relationships with bloggers and journalists.



Both bloggers and journalists can be great for small businesses to gain valuable exposure. Whether it be a quote or a product review, both types of writer can provide unique sources of publicity for a business.

For example: JournoLink’s listing for small business Stand4Socks was picked up by blogger Kate Tattersfield from Search Office Space for a quote for an article on the company’s blog. Read it here

The role of social media 

Social media giant Twitter has become like a search engine for bloggers and journalists looking for businesses to interact with. Hashtags such as #journorequest playing a significant part helping writers find content they’re looking for.

Know your (/their) audience 

Even within the blogger and journalist communities, the audiences can vary dramatically. When building a relationship with either, it’s essential to research and be familiar with their audience. If it’s not a good fit with what you’re offering, chances are neither a blogger nor journalist will be interested in anything more from the relationship.

For example: As a blogger listed on JournoLink, if a company gets in contact regarding something not related to topics I cover, it implies little research has been done into the target audience, meaning a future blogger-business relationship being unlikely.


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Content wanted 

For the most part, journalists will have a clear idea within a specific topic of what they’re looking for. For example, a key question they’re looking to answer. Whereas bloggers will need a clear idea of what a business wants from the relationship. From that they can make the decision if the product, service or idea is suitable for their blog.

For example: JournoLink’s listing for Stand4Socks was also utilized by journalist Hajra Rahim for an article in national newspaper The Telegraph, on the topic of cost-effective ways SMEs make their offices brighter and more productive. Read it here.

Type of coverage 

Despite both providing good coverage for a business, the type of content produced can often vary. Bloggers are more likely able to produce a review or a product feature, whereas journalists tend to cover news and press releases as well as more in depth coverage such as interviews. But this can vary dependent on the blogger or journalist you’re working with.

For example: A press release from Oddbox, a ‘wonky veg box scheme’, featured on JournoLink was used by journalist Isabel Finch publishing an article containing details of the scheme in the news section of Read it here.

The platform 

By definition, a blogger’s platform is online, however, there is still variation within this. The rise of social media has allowed many bloggers to solely use Instagram as a platform for their blogging.  A journalist can be involved with a variety of other media platforms, such as radio, print or TV.

All bloggers and journalists are different and have their own preferences and ideas as to how a relationship with a business should be. As well as considering these tips, the way to foster the strongest relationship is to get to know the individual and how they best like to work.

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Written by: Ellie Cawte, blogger for Ellie etc