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Media Room on your Website

Keep your visitors in the know, display your Media Room on your own website.

Now it's not just large multi-nationals that can have a "media room" on their website. Keep your visitors, stakeholders and the media up to date by installing the JournoLink media Room widget on your company website.

Journalists and the media often research a business or organisation before publishing a story. One of their first places to check will be your website. Make sure your site is media friendly by offering your latest press releases right there.

And now, rather than having to keep your website updated with your latest news, any press releases put onto the JournoLink platform will be automatically displayed on your company website.

To help the media room fit in, there are even customisation options to change the colours, borders, title and text size.



JournoLink has a WordPress plugin to allow you to easily use your Media Room as a "widget" on your website.

You can download the plugin by clicking the button below. To install, please login to your WordPress admin, head to Plugins and then into Add New. If in doubt, please contact your website developer.

Download WordPress Plugin


To utlise our Media Room widget, simply copy and paste the HTML snippet below where you would like the media room to appear on your website.

You will need to replace PROFILE_LINK AND PROFILE_ID with the values found in your profile Toolkit.

Need Help?

JournoLink have partnered with award-winning digital agency Digivo to help JournoLink users to install the Media Room on their own website.

Digivo are offering special discounted-rate pricing to JournoLink customers for this service. Please quote "JOURNOLINK" when contacting Digivo to ensure you receive the special discounted rate.



Your Media Room widget has a number of customisation options to allow you to best fit the media room into your existing website template.

Customisations are added as a data HTML attribute to the a anchor element. See below for examples

Option Default Description
width string
Sets the width of the widget. Can be given as integer for pixels or percentage.
height string
Sets the height of the widget. Can be given as integer for pixels or percentage.
title string
Media Room
Sets the title of your widget appearing in the top bar.
border bool
Whether a border appears around the widget.
borderradius int
The border radius of the widget.
bordercolour string
Hex/Web colour code of the widget border.
headercolour string
Hex/Web colour code of the widget header and footer.
headertext string
Hex/Web colour code of the text within the widget header and footer.
bodycolour string
Hex/Web colour code of the widget body.
bodytext string
Hex/Web colour code of the text within the widget body.
bodylink string
Hex/Web colour code of the links within the widget body.
fontsize integer
Base font size in pixels (px).
separatorcolour string
Hex/Web colour code of the row separators in the widget body.

Full Example

<a id="journolink-media-room"
data-title="Media Room"
data-separatorcolour="#EEEEEE">My Media Room on JournoLink</a>
<script src=""></script>