Keep your visitors in the know, display your Media Room on your own website.

Now it's not just large multi-nationals that can have a "media room" on their website. Keep your visitors, stakeholders and the media up to date by installing the JournoLink media Room widget on your company website.

Journalists and the media often research a business or organisation before publishing a story. One of their first places to check will be your website. Make sure your site is media friendly by offering your latest press releases right there.

And now, rather than having to keep your website updated with your latest news, any press releases put onto the JournoLink platform will be automatically displayed on your company website.

Our embeddable media room automatically adopts the same colours and styles as your website and all elements are fully customisable to your needs.

My Media Room on JournoLink



To utlise our Media Room widget, simply copy and paste the HTML snippet below where you would like the media room to appear on your website.

You will need to replace the [USER_ID] parameter with the value found in your profile Toolkit.

Advanced Integration

For more advanced integrations, we also make available a raw JSON version of your press release data that can be used to create your own media room.

This version won't place any content on your website alone, but supplies the content from your media room in a machine-readable format ready for your exciting developments.

Your personal JSON feed can be found at:[USER_ID].json


Your Media Room widget has a number of customisation options to allow you to best fit the media room into your existing website template.

Customisations are added as a data HTML attribute to the a anchor element. See below for examples

Option Default Description
page int
Sets the page that should display initially on load.
per-page int
Sets the number of press releases to show per page.
show-images bool
Sets whether image thumbnails for each press release are injected.
hide-pagination bool
Sets whether the pagination links should be hidden in the output.
no-styles bool
Sets whether no styles should be injected into the <head> element.
auto-scroll bool
Sets whether the screen should auto scroll to the top of the media room container during page changes.
scroll-padding int
Sets the padding that should be added to the auto scrolling to account for static headers.

Full Example

<div id="journolink_media_room"
<script src=""></script>