What is Tiny Homes Holidays?

We are Frazer and Helen Cunningham and we are the owners of Tiny Homes Holidays Ltd – a boutique retreat of ‘Tiny Home’ cabins set in a smallholding environment on the Isle of Wight.

What is the story behind the business?

After fourteen seasons of running vintagevacations.co.uk one of the UK’s first glamping businesses, Helen and Frazer Cunningham have created Tiny Homes Holidays with the vision of taking the Glamping model a step further to create a year-round sustainable Tiny Homes smallholding. The ethos of the company is founded on simple living in a small energy efficient space. Each home is solar powered with composting toilets, wood burning stoves and water recycling and filtration systems.

On-site workshops in a beautiful studio provide the chance to learn a new skill or recharge with a yoga and meditation class.

How did JournoLink help you? 

I very much like getting the emails to see what journalists are looking for. We have received some good press coverage when replying to some of these – most notably a piece in Woman and Home magazine that generated interest and bookings.

PR is invaluable .... you can advertise all you like but editorial coverage is King!

My advice would be to carefully target your PR activity. When I was working as a fashion stylist, I noticed that the fashion PR companies that were a lot more guarded about where their client's pieces would be featured ended up being the most covetous and successful brands. 

Really have a think about your core customer and what their values are. When our other business Vintage Vacations started getting a lot of press interest I made a decision not to engage with any ‘red top’ newspapers as I didn’t think this was the right way for our brand. I have no regrets about this and we still get featured in the publications that we would prefer.