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Generating press coverage in 4 simple ways

Your business is newsworthy and journalists need to know about it, it as simple as that! Here are four ways that could help you increase your chances of positive press coverage.

1. Carefully choose your target

Build a relationship with a journalist who writes for a publication that is relevant to your industry sector. Follow those who have similar interests and subscribe to their blogs and follow them on Twitter. Journalists will change the way they perceive the person behind the inbox messages they receive if they see you have taken the time to show some appreciation for their work. You want to lead journalists toward you, not push them away with numerous and repetitive emails. The best way to do this is through social media. Don't be too proud to massage their ego a little; tweet and retweet some of their articles that you found particularly interesting for example. Journalists will take notice in the work of those who notice and appreciate theirs.

2. Never stop promoting yourself

In this day in age, promoting ourselves and sharing information with the world is something we do every day without even realising. When we post selfies or tweet about our day or revelation that happened to us on the weekend, we are sharing information about our life that reaches a number of people at one time. The same idea applies when you publish your press releases onto JournoLink. We share with the media information and stories that you provide about your business, so make your press release worth reading. If you think you've already written the most intriguing press release to do with your business, then think again. Why not put out a press release celebrating the first year anniversary of your business, or mention an offer you're advertising for your first 1000th customer. There are always different avenues that you could go down when it comes to writing a press release.

3. Build partnerships with other organisations

They say two is better than one, right? Well this can apply in business when you are seeking positive press coverage. Building business partnerships where all parties share a mutual benefit can be very effective in raising your chances of placement. Get yourself in front of the Managing Director (or CEO if possible!) of an organisation that you liaise with often to discuss how both can benefit from a business partnership.

Note: Journalists are also likely to take note of organisations that can partner up with charities.

4. Let your customers do the talking: client testimonials

One of the best ways to raise your company profile and up your chances of positive press coverage is to let your customers do the talking for you. You want people to shout about your business so you don't have to. Encourage your satisfied customers to share their experiences using your products and services with family and friends or even better, on social media and on your website!

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