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Guest Post: How My Blog Became My Business

Anyone can start writing a blog, but how can you turn it into a kick-starter for your small business? Our guest blogger Charlotte Moore explains how passion for for blogging became a business.


Anyone can start writing a blog, but how can you turn it into a kick-starter for your small business?

I started writing a blog for fun a year ago, mainly to share my passion for healthy food. Somehow, I accidently stumbled into a niche of being a ‘vegan-curious veggie’ (which means I’m a veggie who eats mostly vegan food.) The veggie and vegan community on Twitter embraced me with loving arms, and let me join them in their quest to prove we don’t eat grass or ‘weird-looking food’.

Fast-forward 12 months and my blog has opened up many great unpaid avenues – vegan food freebies to review, guest posting in exchange for back links, free tickets to food shows and over 700 Twitter followers. However, meeting so many enthusiastic people making a difference in the healthy food industry also gave me the courage and push I needed. I decided to leave my social media and online editor role for the largest retailer in the UK, and become a freelance copywriter and social media guide. 

Having spent all this time talking and writing about businesses that were passionate about their products, I realised it was time to do that in my day job too. All those precious contacts I’d made while providing great quality blog services for free, meant I’d instantly got a network of people to offer my services to. And of course, these contacts also have other healthy food friends I don’t yet know, but I’m sure will lead to more introductions as time goes by.

I’m only three weeks into my freelancing business and I already have two health-based clients as a direct result of writing my blog. When I first started it, friends were kind enough to say I could be, “The next famous blogger”, but I always knew this wasn’t its purpose. Instead, it’s opened me up to a paid world of writing about, and talking to, people who’re as passionate about living a healthy lifestyle as I am. For me, there couldn’t be any better reason to get out of bed every morning.


Written By: Charlotte Moore

Find out more on her blog here.

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