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The 'Run up' to the London Marathon

The run up to the London marathon

You could almost believe we have just started a New Year and the well meant resolutions are kicking. Everywhere you look people, dressed in designer fluorescents, are running. The key difference between the 2nd of January and now though is that the runners look pretty fit.. That's because we are just over a fortnight away from the London Marathon when 34280 running shoes and wheelchair wheels will be hitting the tarmac. It won't just test the fitness of the runners. It will also test the fitness of the economy on how much gets donated through sponsoring all the good causes and how much will be spent on brand promotion.The smart tip for businesses though, is get your brand promoted without having to spend.
Journalists are already looking for those local and regional stories of how much the Marathon will contribute to small businesses' turnover. Trainers sold, iPhone tunes downloaded, blister packs packed, protein bars wrapped, distance of foil blanket manufactured. Now is the time for issuing the press release to seize the journalists' attention. A captivating headline and a wow factor story will offer the brand promotion of the year and you shouldn't be short of people ready to model, eat or highlight your product in a photo for the journalist. Surely no one runs over 26 miles for any other reason than getting their 'picture in the paper'. is on the starting blocks ready to run your press release.
Our MD Gemma Guise is running the marathon in support of Tommy's Charity.. To donate to her fundrasing page or to find out more information, visit HERE. Any donation big or small is welcome. 

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