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3 ways to attract journalists to your content when writing a press release

Top tips on attracting journalists to your content. Creating and executing a Press Release that is at optimal quality.

There are obvious advantages when it comes to gaining the attention of journalists. While good content will hopefully attract a following over time, and gradually build a base of subscribers, having the attention of a journalist means a big boost to your online profile and a potential surge in readers. In the marketing business, this kind of influence is known as an amplifier. But getting the attention of an amplifier is easier said than done. Journalists deal with many press releases over the course of a day, as well as conducting their own research, and news gets old very quickly, so there is a time element to getting their attention too. Here are a few tips to help attract them to your content.

High quality content

First and foremost, the quality of your content has to be good. Journalists are interested in a story, so think about identifying the main element of your 'story' and putting it as close to the opening of the content as possible. This is why so many news articles begin with some variation of 'On Saturday, Joe Blogs was surprised to find...' It's about putting a human element into whatever you're conveying. Further to this, you have to make sure your content contains sources, and that what's being described is factual - there's nothing worse for journalists than finding the content they've used is bogus. 

Timely execution

News gets old very quickly. If you can somehow put yourself ahead of the curve - while still commenting on something people are already interested in - you stand a much better chance of getting a journalist's attention. For marketers, it should be straightforward to find privileged information that only your company has access to, and then thinking of how to make it into a narrative. 

Aim to trend

It may be easier said than done, but the easiest way to get media attention is to trend on social media. People share the things that surprise and captivate them, and word soon gets around once they start posting links across different media channels. Try to create content that can inspire interest in a broad demographic - don't limit yourself.

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