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10 tips to a successful Press Release

In the run up to our Hotline with our in house journalist, Journolink has given their top 10 tips to writing a successful press release

1. Why now? Linking it to a key news topic will capture news journalists as well as sector journalists.

2 Use key words that relate to your business throughout, and at least two brand name mentions.

3 Ten word irresistible headline to capture even your kid’s interest. Edgy, sensational, confrontational.

4 Short opening teaser paragraph to hook the reader. Really clear, and punchy summary of the reason for the press release with at least one interesting fact that will raise an eyebrow. It must make the reader genuinely want to read on.

5 Good body comprising three paragraphs. The first, leading on from the opening teaser, a factual summary of what it is you are commenting on.

The second, the evidence to support your comments, such as research statistics, product innovation or a major export order.
The third, the unique hook to convince the journalist why a reader will interested
6 Provide a usable quote. Certainly from a senior company representative,
but also from a recognised local business leader.
7 A link to a quality picture for the journalist to use will increase the chances of the release being used.
8 Give contact details. Name, e mail address, web site details, and telephone contact details that will find you 24/7
9 As a footnote provide notes to editors, giving fuller details of your company, the specific issue that the press release is based on and links to any references or research.
10 .Finally check spelling, grammar and feel. Get an ‘independent’ person to read through and test their reaction. If their eyes light up press send. If not, why not?

So there are the tips, but where can a business, with no major PR budget, no experience in issuing press releases, and no idea who to send them to anyway, go to for extra help? New on the blocks is Journolink ( , designed to give small businesses their very own on line PR agency with all the tools they need to do it themselves at a budget price.  Providing support from tutorials, weekly news triggers and a simple press release template Journolink literally links the businesses to the journalists and bloggers who want to write about them. Giving the businesses access to the media they have never had before, and giving the journalists access to the small business stories they have never had before either. A match made in heaven? Well certainly a spark for the business world.

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