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10 words to avoid using when writing a press release

10 Words to avoid using when writing a press release.

Passionate - I'm sure you are, but this has been used more than your office coffee mug. Why not try 'focus' or 'specialisation' instead and leave the passion for your loved one.

Unique - It is not enough that you think your product is unique. It may be unique to you but chances are, it probably isn't. Customers care more about how your product is "better" than the rest.

Innovative - Don't tell people, show them! Show them what's so special about your business

Thinking outside the box - Avoid clichés like this, they don't make you sound more credible. Your credibility lies within your work and your product(s).

Cutting edge -  How many companies are truly able to prove this claim besides the fact that it's getting pretty crowded on that edge over there.

Thrilled/Excited - Find something meaningful to say in your press release, show your enthusiasm through the way you write about your product and we will be able to assume this anyway.

Prestigious - If you have to tell us, it probably isn't.

Sophisticated - Says who? - Unless you're quoting a reputable journalist/blogger, avoid using adjectives like these to describe your business/service. Don't blow your own trumpet too much.

Solution - One of the most over-used terms in press release headlines we see, a 'lazy' term. Specify what 'solution' you're talking about instead of using this gap filler.

Thought Leader - See 8


Keep an eye out for our list of recommended words to use in press releases next Wednesday! Meanwhile, if you are having trouble writing a press release, get in touch with us today at:

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