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How Marketing Agencies Can Offer PR Services with JournoLink

Discover how marketing agencies can leverage JournoLink to enhance their offerings, boost client visibility, and improve brand reputation in our latest blog post.

Adding PR services to your portfolio can make your agency a one-stop shop for your clients.

You'll help them achieve a cohesive marketing strategy that aligns their advertising, digital marketing, and public relations efforts. This can lead to more robust marketing campaigns, increased brand visibility, and a stronger connection with their audience. Additionally, offering PR services can give your agency a competitive edge and increase your revenue streams.

If your agency has primarily focused on other forms of digital marketing and you’re new to the PR game, venturing into this territory might seem daunting. However, the advent of platforms like JournoLink has dramatically simplified this expansion, enabling agencies to seamlessly incorporate PR into their repertoire.

In this blog post, we delve into how marketing firms can harness JournoLink to not only add value to their services but also to significantly bolster their clients' exposure and brand reputation.

Understanding the Basics of PR

Before we dive into the specifics of using JournoLink, let’s clarify what PR can do for your clients. At its core, PR revolves around managing and disseminating information from an organization to the public to shape or influence their perception. It’s about building relationships with the audience through various media channels, not just selling a product or service. The goal is to foster a positive reputation and increase brand awareness, which can ultimately lead to increased sales.

The two main tools of PR are sending Press Releases to the media and contributing to journalist’s articles via Media Requests.

The Client Profile

The secret of PR lies in unpacking newsworthy stories within your or your client's business – those unique narratives that captivate, inform, or intrigue your target audience.

Similar to a marketing campaign, PR needs a strategy, a starting point to identify newsworthy stories for press releases that offer undeniable value through information, inspiration, or innovation. We suggest planning in chunks of 3, 6, or 12 months. To help with your planning, check the JournoLink “Plan” section and see events you can use for press release angles.

When you know what your client wants to achieve, it is time to log in to your Agency plan and create a new client profile to send press releases and reply to tailored media requests on behalf of your client. It is a good idea to upload a media list to target specific journalists when sending a press release.


  • Plan your client's PR campaign. Determine their goals, target audience, and key messages and tie up with sectorial events using JournoLink’s events calendar
  • Create the client’s profile and choose the relevant sectors for media request alerts

The Press Room

Each client that you set up a profile for will have a unique press room. This will serve as a central place for all their press releases. Make sure to customise it with your client’s logo, social media, contacts for the press, images, colours and fonts. When the press room is ready, share with your client the instructions on how to add a link to their website for a professional look.


  • Customise the client’s press room
  • Share the press room details with your client

Reply to Media Requests

Media Requests are a fantastic way to engage with journalists in a non-intrusive way. Through a media request, the journalist will ask for businesses to contribute to their story. Reply as soon as you see a suitable media request in your inbox.

Also, check the ‘Opportunities’ section in the platform occasionally to see if there are other media requests that can be used for your clients to shine as thought leaders or insightful contributors.


  • Make sure you have tailored the sectors in your client’s profile to receive relevant alerts
  • Reply as soon as you see one that is suitable for your client
  • Check the ‘Opportunities’ section often

Writing Press Releases

In the realm of PR, the press release remains an undiminished stalwart. Once you have a plan/brief from your client use AI to expedite the drafting process without compromising on creativity or substance.

It is a starting point so remember to edit the copy to suit your client’s style. Make sure your press release is humanized with direct quotes, compelling imagery, and carefully chosen distribution details for maximum impact.


  • Create the first draft using AI as a starting point
  • Edit and add the final copy to JournoLink
  • Add a great image and set the audience and date for distribution
  • Share the link to the published article in the client’s press room with the client

Measuring Success

All clients want to see how their campaign is doing. If your client is new to PR, it will take time to build a relationship with the journalists. Having a 3-month campaign minimum is best to assess the reach and efficacy of your PR.

To see how the press releases are doing in JournoLink check the client’s ‘Reach’ section. It shows the interactions with the press releases in the press room, the number of journalists that were reached by email, email opening rates, a list of the journalists that interacted the most to help you with finding coverage, and a few other metrics you can collect to show your client.


  • Check the Reach section for analytics to review and underscore your success to clients.
  • Review and suggest adjustments to the strategy

Boosting Your Agency’s Own PR

Don't overlook applying these strategies to your agency's PR efforts; regularly refresh your press room and stay responsive to media opportunities to keep your agency in the spotlight


Embarking on PR doesn't have to expand your workload—just your horizon.

The JournoLink Agency tools are designed to simplify PR, making it accessible for agencies regardless of their prior experience in the field. From your client’s profile in your JournoLink Agency Plan, you can easily access an expansive calendar of events for your planning, distribute press releases on behalf of your clients, provide your client with a customised press room, receive and reply to tailored media request opportunities and access analytics for reporting all in one place.

By using these tools and the technology available, your journey from a marketing firm to a multi-disciplinary powerhouse is just a few clicks away.

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