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Business Writing Sins and How to Avoid Them

Use our tips on business writing to create interesting content that tells your story

As our workplace has become globalized and web-based, we have to share more information online. This means that written communication has become a highly effective tool to share news about your business or to respond to media requests.

A challenge that many people face in business writing is how to write effectively. You may have good ideas and products but if you don’t write in a way that communicates the efficacy and benefits of what you are selling you will not connect with your target audience.

To create business writing that really connects with people, JournoLink advises avoiding these business-writing sins.

Some Common Business Writing Sins

  1. Do you use long-winded, over formal language?
  1. Do you like to use long words in your writing to impress people?
  1. Do you use passive expressions rather than active expressions?
  1. Do your use long sentences, which do not get to the point quickly?

Tips for Writing Good Business Content

Keep in mind the four Cs when writing content, such as press releases or blogs for your business; keep the content clear, concise, complete and correct.

Always be clear about your message, and use concise, to-the-point sentences. Include all the information so that the recipient can make an informed decision and ensure that any information that you share is up to date and factually and grammatically correct. Use active expressions, and think about how it will benefit the reader, as it makes the writing more direct and readable.

Copywriting for a business is not just about following rules, it is about creating magic. If you use the right words in your business writing, they can help you win contracts, sell products and services, and build your reputation. Badly written content can do the opposite; it can give potential customers and partners a negative view of your business, and lose you money.

How to Write for a Business

Good business content writing should always be readable and have a flow to it. Avoid using a lot of overblown filler and keep the content clear and concise.

  • Use simple, understandable language.
  • If you need to use a technical or obscure word, explain what it means. Avoid using off-putting jargon.
  • Use short words and sentences to keep your reader engaged, sentences should be around 20 words.
  • Be grammatically correct, and no misspellings.
  • Be friendly, you are trying to connect with people, not alienate them. Make the copy relatable.
  • Stick to the point; do not complicate the issue with unnecessary padding.
  • Brevity is your friend; why use three words when one will do?
  • Go easy with the acronyms, if you need to include them, write them in full first, so people know what you are referring to.

Think about How the Business Writing Looks

How the writing content looks visually is also important. A dense wall of text can look intimidating, so use other features in your copy.

  • JournoLink recommends using bullet points or numerical lists to clarify complex ideas and break up the text.
  • If you want to emphasise a point, boldface text can be used to highlight what you want to say.

Before writing for your business, you need to know who your audience is. If you are targeting academics, then the language will be different than if you are targeting retailers or journalists for example. Your content should be concise, clear and accessible, but it should also be engaging.

Great business writing can change the way we think and purchase, and can really make an impact on how other professionals and the public view your company.

Use our tips on business writing sins and how to avoid them to create interesting content that tells your story.

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