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Do Brands Need to be on Twitter?

We take a dive into the pros and cons of creating a Twitter profile for your brand

We know that Twitter allows people to connect with each other.

But do brands need to be on Twitter?

As you can connect with a global audience, many companies have positioned themselves on Twitter and use it as a marketing and communication tool. With millions of daily users, Twitter can be a great tool to raise awareness about your business, connect with customers and develop leads.

We take a dive into the pros and cons of creating a Twitter profile for your brand.

Pros of Running a Twitter Campaign

  • Connect: Twitter allows you to connect with your target market.
  • Engage: You can engage directly with your customers in a way that gives a voice to your company. This is also known as conversational marketing. Twitter can be a great way to reply directly to requests and questions from customers and share any news.
  • Time: It does not take long to write a tweet. As Tweets are limited to 280 characters, you can write them speedily and succinctly.
  • Feedback: You can get feedback in real time, which you can respond to. A fast response to a customer’s question is good for brand awareness as it shows that you care what your customers think. We recommend also having a phone number or email system for answering questions and complaints from customers.
  • Data: You can track data on Twitter. This can be per tweet, or even by the hour.
  • Community: You can build a community around your business and brand.

Cons of Running a Twitter Campaign

  • Strategy Time: Creating a strong social media campaign takes time, as well as a good understanding of how Twitter works. To stand out from your competitors is not an overnight task. You need to have a robust strategy, time to write engaging content, and be on top of newsworthy stories and trending topics that may relate to your industry.
  • Complaints: People can leave negative tweets as well as positive tweets, so you will need to learn how to respond to them.
  • News: News travels fast, and negative news travels even faster. If your company or industry is trending due to a detrimental story, be prepared to do some swift damage limitation.

 In Conclusion

We believe that Twitter for business has multiple benefits for companies. It allows you tell your story authentically, and it is a fast, effective way to connect with people.

We think that any company can learn to make Twitter work for their business. It can increase brand awareness, build a community around your brand, and ultimately lead to more clicks on your website, and more sales.

If you decide to go ahead with a Twitter media campaign and grow your company with successful marketing, you need to invest time and thought to make sure that you tell your business's story. There are multiple tools that can help you plan when your posts should go out for the most impact.

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