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5 Things To Write When You Win a Award

Winning an award is definitely something to shout out about. To help you with what to say, we listed 5 things you can write on your Press Release when you win an award

Winning an award is not just great for your business, it also is an opportunity to attract the attention of the media, and get your business noticed.

Press releases are all about current news. Winning a prestigious award is always newsworthy. So use it to your advantage.

It signals that there is a new expert or leader in your particular business sector, who is acknowledged by their peers. This means that journalists writing about your industry will respect your standing in the business community and will want to hear about your experience in the industry.

Mention any or all of these five things and you will have relevant media channels knocking down your door to get a story.

Add these to your press release when you win an award

  1. What did your business do to be voted the best?

The reason you won an award was because you were voted best in your sector, why was this? Was it your team, your operational model or your strategy that charmed the judges? Tell readers what you did well and why.

If you have a video of you accepting the award, send that in your press release.

If it was due to providing a great customer experience, share this, and add reviews from happy customers or service users to reinforce the point.

Often winners get there because they are better at anticipating trends or needs, if so share your personal insight into what those were and how you picked up on it.

You’ll not only enlighten the journalist, you will impress your sector too so use this in your press release.

  1. Knowledge of your subject

Winning an award instantly positions you as an expert in your subject matter, a go-to person, whose knowledge and opinions count.

People want to be around their peers, who know what they are doing, and this goes for customers and service users too.

You don’t need to show off, just be clear about what you did, and your reasoning behind it.

The facts will speak for themselves. Don’t underestimate your talent; a panel of experts has voted you best in your field. So, go with it and share how you did it. People will find your knowledge inspirational.

  1. Expert Insights into market trends.

You were judged the best in relation to something. What were you measured against, was it your standing in the market, and ability to predict what customers wanted?

Did you see emerging trends, what did you see that your customer needed?

 How did you identify what was needed? This would have played a big part in why you were judged best in your category, as judges appreciate businesses that are ahead of the trend.

  1. Thought leadership

When you win awards, you become a quotable resource for the media. Journalists, competitors and customers will want to hear what you have to say. Use quotes in your press release to illustrate your expertise, your ingenuity, authenticity and your strategic approach. Be confident in sharing your approach, as it was good enough to win you an award. It can also drive new customers to your business or product. 

  1. Human interest for added meaning

Always try and add in some elements from your own life. People find personal stories more engaging. Readers want to know about your passion for your industry and why you get involved, as well as about any challenges that you may have faced as well as the successes. This will make you more relatable, and makes the story a lot more interesting.

An award win is a great opportunity to send a press release, which contains informed, interesting news that establishes you as a market leader in your field.

Just use these 5 things in your press release when you win an award to engage journalists and share your story.

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