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What is PR about?

JournoLink explains what PR is and how you can use it to gain publicity for your business.

PR stands for public relations, but what exactly is meant by public relations?

Public relations, or PR is a strategic communication from a business to the public that reinforces brand awareness and allows the company to respond to questions or discussions about trending topics that are in the public domain. Companies can hire PR professionals or can use less costly but equally effective solutions such as JournoLink’s PR software.

Why is Brand Awareness Important for your Company?

Your company’s image is an important part of brand awareness that can affect what potential customers think about you, and whether they see you as a trustworthy source of information and/or products or services. A good PR campaign will essentially help your business cultivate a good reputation via press and social media posts, blogs and articles.

Can PR help my Company?

If a company is proactive about creating and managing its brand, then investing in PR is essential. Good PR can show your products, accomplishments or ideas in a positive light by telling a story that can be shared in media channels. This can include print newspapers and magazines as well as digital publications, social media, and also shared with bloggers and influencers.

How Positive PR can work for you

If you have good news to share about your company, this can be used as positive PR, which is what PR is all about.  If your company has won an award in your sector, you can draft a press release with an eye-catching image for extra impact and send it to journalists writing about your particular industry. This can then be used as the basis for a blog or article that will share your news with the wider community. If a journalist requests information about something affirmative that your company has done, this is also an excellent opportunity for positive PR.

It also means that if a member of the public is looking for a service or product that you provide, they are directed towards your business.

Damage Control in PR

PR is not only for sharing good news about your business; it can also be a useful tool for mitigating damage.

If there has been a negative article about your sector, or company, PR can be used to put a more positive spin on the article, or to share your side of the story. PR can be used for effective damage control, and to respond to criticism or to make a public apology.

PR Software for Low Cost but Effective Public Relations

JournoLink’s PR software can be a highly effective tool for crafting expert PR releases. It can be used to create attention-grabbing press release headlines as well as clear, concise, informative content.

Our large database of journalists, bloggers and influencers allows you to connect with and respond to requests from professionals writing about your sector.

PR can play a vital role in sharing information, fundraising and networking as well as raising awareness of your brand, making your company more visible and thus more profitable.

PR isn’t just a way to manage a story after it happens, it can be used to create a story.

Now that you know what PR is about, contact JournoLink to see how we can help you share your company’s story.

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