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Product Updates

Improvements to our Payment System

In a bid to give our customers far more control over their subscriptions, we've released a significant overhaul of our payment system

In anticipation of the Financial Conduct Authority's deadline on Strong Customer Authentication, and to increase the control and transparency our customers have over their purchases, we overhauled our payment system. We now work much more closely with our payment provider, Stripe.

What does this mean for you?

From your next payment onwards, you will have access to our payment provider's Billing Portal, where you can view receipts, upgrade, pay or cancel your subscription at will, without going through our Customer Support team. This means you have full control over what you pay for, and for how long.

If a payment fails due to a card expiry, insufficient funds, or the payment provider has been asked by your bank to get additional verification from the cardholder, our secure payment provider will be in touch, sending you a personal, dedicated payment link for you to update your payment settings.

We have constructed a new secure checkout for all our products, which is available immediately, so you can have peace of mind that all current and future payments are supported by the utmost security protocols.

What about all our historical receipts?

For any customers who have been with us for some time, all historical receipts will be available to download or view within the Account area, as normal.

What do I need to do to get this?


This change should be automatic, in the background, and should take place at your next renewal.

What's this about added security?

On the 14th of March, the Financial Conduct Authority officially required all banks to require the use of something called 'Strong Customer Authentication'. In truth, this was originally an EU directive prior to us leaving the EU, but the FCA saw fit to give British-based businesses the extra time to make this change due to the strain leaving the EU has put on businesses. You may already have experience using Strong Customer Authentication from other retailers, which usually takes the form of a 'popup' or 'in-app notification' to verify a payment. Now JournoLink is fully equipped to serve this level of security for purchases through our own platform too.

The purpose behind Strong Customer Authentication is to give more control over payments, and to allow banks to fully assess the fraud risk of any payments.

I've got a problem

If you feel something has happened during this transition that is incorrect or you have any concerns about your account, please reach out to our support team at where we're geared up and ready to help manage this transition and make it as painless as possible.

If you'd like us to serve your current subscription through this new process, even though you're between billing periods, please reach out and we'll see what we can do to help.

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