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PR Increases Your Sales Without Extra Staff Costs…..Here’s Three Reasons Why

Every business needs to increase sales, but the budget for more staff to do so is always stretched. Here are three reasons why PR is the best helping hand you will ever get.....without the costs of more staff.

PR Increases Your Sales Without Extra Staff Costs…..Here’s Three Reasons Why

Ask any business owner what’s at the top of their priority list, and you’ll hear the words ‘increased sales’. You’ll also be told that those increased sales have to come from an increasingly competitive world, without incurring any real increase in the budget.

So, here are three reasons why every savvy business owner now needs to make PR a central part of the marketing strategy. In fact it’s arguably more important than any other part of marketing.

Size matters … have an active media room on your website

In an uncertain world consumers and businesses alike choose to buy from organisations that look like they are established and reliable. With that comes the appearance of size and influence.

Many small businesses make the mistake of creating a website at the outset of the business and never touching it again. One reason is often the lack of technical know-how, but another is simply not recognising the importance of an active website to viewing visitors. The more active the website, the more the perception that the business is bigger, in demand, and more established than in reality it may be.

Adding a ‘Media Room’ to the site builds that active appearance. Keeping it live with regular press releases gives visitors the ‘big, in-play business’ confidence that they seek.

Online platforms like JournoLink can handle the whole Media Room build and ongoing management, without any extra cost or hassle.

Trust … without it, forget the sales growth

There are two angles to ensuring your business maintains the trust vote.

One is the trust that new and potential customers have in the people commenting on the business products and services, and the second is the trust that those same commentators have in the business as they actually comment.

YouGov data tells us that only one in 10 of us trust social media comments now, whilst over half of us trust broadcast, and 40% of us trust print journalists.

This underlines the importance of making the most of traditional media, in other words putting PR at the heart of ‘Marketing’.

Then there’s the second part of the trust equation, which is persuading the journalists that the business is trustworthy enough for their columns. That comes with establishing the brand as a subject matter expert, one that frequently comments, and shares news through professional press releases.

Reviews and Recommendations … we don’t buy without them

Thanks to the internet, 90% of us now make our buying decisions based on reviews and recommendations. Social media plays its part, but with the skew towards trust in the traditional media being much stronger than in social media the value of positive media recommendations is huge in terms of sales growth. Being included in ‘Top Ten’ lists of products, services and events in both local and mainstream media frequently has the phones ringing off their hooks.

Building relationships with key journalists to make sure they look to your business when compiling their lists is the secret. You can use press releases to attract their attention in the first place, before navigating your way into their contact directories.

‘PR’ has a tendency to be seen as out of the reach of a small business. JournoLink proves otherwise and makes it easy and affordable for businesses to reach huge audiences through its PR to grow their sales platforms.

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