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How you get your specific product covered in the titles that cover your sector

Many businesses just focus on getting into two or three trade titles as they are the ones that they read. But don’t just limit your reach to these. Most coverage people receive isn’t even solely related to their business sector. Often it’s part of a more general interest story that a journalist is writing in line with current news trends.

A good strategy to follow is to have a three pronged approach.

Exclusive list

Have your own target list by all means, and distribute your news initially to the journalists on these titles. This gives them the 'industry exclusive' that they value.

Secondary list

But then have a secondary list - a much wider group of journalists who may have another angle alongside the industry one. It may be a regional interest, or an interest in the way that the business works, how it employs people etc. Send your news out to this group once the industry targets have had their opportunity to pick it up.


Your third list should be the 'social' commentators, and the bloggers so ensure that you also distribute your news at the same time through your social channels…Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram depending on your following.

By adopting this approach you will be giving yourself your best chance of coverage, not just within your own sector, but broadly across all the times of media available to you.

Distributing it

So what is good news to push out and how you should distribute it?

Firstly the news. It sounds obvious, but it has to be news. Something that people would find interesting to read. So make sure that it has a good angle, and be sure to create a very short headline that captures the theme of the news in a catchy way. Don't expect journalists to read your press release to the end simply because it has been sent to them. You have to hook them through the headline first.

And then distribution. Choose one of the online tools that both help you to write your news effectively, and then helps you to distribute to the relevant journalists efficiently. JournoLink is one of the online tools to look at, and that also gives you feed back through analytics on who is showing an interest.

But check out the tips in this coffee time chat from journalists Tet Kofi from his 'Isola-Tet' series.

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