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The passion that drove us to make small PR Agencies smile

I suppose it’s something we have all come resigned to. The lower down the food chain you get the harder it is to feed. Which is what set us on the journey to build an online platform that would help small businesses have a fair crack at the table when it comes to PR.

With over 50 years' experience in the world of small business and journalism we are passionate about redressing the balance and giving them the same PR opportunities as big business. But experience has told us that most still need the help of the skills that an agency brings, and that even if they aren't shelling out the big bucks, they still want a big bucks service.

Which all goes to make the lives of a small PR Agency, and PR freelancers, an uncomfortable existence, both on balancing the budget and giving their clients their all.

Enter JournoLink for Agencies. If it was a tablet it would be an antidepressant betablocker on steroids.

But its not.

It's a no nonsense online platform for those Small Agencies and Freelancers who look after small business clients. The automation and augmented intelligence in it means it's hugely affordable, but doesn't need to compromise on what it does.

We put the coders who built it through a real life teach in. Trust me, that was a challenge in its own right, but they are a pragmatic bunch, and they understood the simple calls to

  • 'Make it really user friendly',
  • 'Give them everything they'll need',
  • 'Give them extra stuff that will make them look really good in front of their clients',
  • and 'Build in as many time saving features as you can'.

And the passion for what they do has seen them do just that.

We gave the product guy a one line wish list.

  • 'Give the Agency with 20 clients everything they need, in one place, at less than £20 a month per client.

Now the product guy isn't exactly passionate, but he adores what he's done!

So, it's now down to the marketing and sales guys to share the love.

But with a genuinely affordable (thanks product guy) intuitive platform (thanks coder guys), that gives access to:

  • fully detailed media lists,
  • intelligent press release distributions with report based detailed analytics,
  • social media driven journalist requests,
  • hosted customised media rooms,
  • and all the calendar prompts you could ask for...

...they can't wait to get passionate and put smiles on the faces of the Small Agencies and freelancers.

We are all in this together - let's get those small businesses in the media.

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