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Paul Brewer of Currency Online Group

Here is the story of Paul Brewer, founder of Currency Online Group, who has been using JournoLink to raise the profile of the company nationally through PR without the cost of a PR agency. He explains what he has achieved with JournoLink and the impact it had on the business.

What is Currency Online Group?

Currency Online Group launched in 2016 and immediately set to offer customers the best currency exchange rates on the market whilst outdoing their bigger competitors with superior customer service.

Founder Paul Brewer had over a decades experience of the FX market having run a successful group of exchanges in London. Knowing he could offer something different, the initially online service was a hit with value-conscious customers looking for the best deals. We have now expanded to a physical location in the heart London’s south bank near Waterloo station with further physical expansion planned. 

Own challenge is to get everyone in the UK aware that ordering currency online is safe and convenient whilst also giving the most bang for your buck compared to the high street banks and the Post Office.


Why JournoLink?

We’re a national business looking to reach as much of the population as possible, therefore national press coverage is highly valuable. PR can be very expensive if going through a large agency and you often don’t have full control. The JournoLink platform allowed us to do it at our own pace and on our terms whilst still being able to be seen by the biggest news and publishing organisations in the world.


What did you achieve with JournoLink?


Journolink helped us gain our first major piece of PR. From that, we were able to learn what kind of news stories would work best for us. Our overriding objective was to gain trust and boost the familiarity of our brand so that first-time customers can decide to use our service with the least mental friction possible.

Our most successful moment so far was when we were contacted by the Daily Mail for their money section – This is Money. They responded to a press release we sent out “GBP “holds firm” as experts say NOW is the time to exchange your currency” and were very keen to use us as part of a large story they were running about how to protect yourself against the effects of Brexit on holiday cash. The story ran a week later in both the print and online editions of the Daily Mail.

We have just seen our biggest ever trading day as we hit the key summer period with a 30% increase on last year. We’re in no doubt that the PR we received whilst using JournoLink has been integral to that. 

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