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Andy Boothman of DressCode Shirts

Andy Boothman, founder of Dresscode Shirts tells us why he decided to use JournoLink to boost his business PR strategy and how he uses the platform to get coverage. An inspiring success story. Check it out.

What is DressCode Shirts?

andy-dresscode-shirts-journolinkDressCode Shirts is a start-up fashion design business. We design and make high-quality shirts. Our designs are inspired by our passion for tech and the digital world, expressing things like coding, algorithms and artificial intelligence. The type of things that are more than well communicated online, but offline there’s little that allows people to express these interests in a stylish and professional way.


Why JournoLink?

We’re a small team and there’s a lot of jobs to do. Communicating what we’re doing to the right audiences is invaluable for us. JournoLink allows us to get our news in front of the right people in a timely and cost-effective way.
Our current biggest challenge is awareness and JournoLink really helps with that.


What did you achieve with JournoLink?

andy-dresscode-quoteAs mentioned above, we’re a small team and whilst there’s a lot of energy and excitement within the team, we have a lot to do, spreading the load, connecting with the right people, publications and audiences is important to us. JournoLink has enabled us to get our PR stories in front of the right people quickly, giving us the ‘space’ to work on other aspects of the business.

We have been featured in several industry titles, both on and offline. There have also been articles run in various national and regional newspapers about our products.

The awareness of the business was raised across the board – increased web traffic, social interaction, enquiries and sales. We’ve also listened, looked at the analytics JournoLink provide and used those to test and refine some of our product development in line with the response from the releases.

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