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Naomi White Freelance PR Consultant - An interview

Read the interview of Naomi White, a Health and wellness communications specialist based in the UK who accepted to answer our questions about her job as a freelance PR consultant. Moving from roles in PR agencies, she decided to go freelance to focus on her favourite industry sectors. Read her story!

We've interviewed Naomi White, Health and wellness communications specialist to ask questions about her career as communications and PR freelance consultants. Naomi has been working in PR for over 9 years. She worked in different PR agencies before deciding to go freelance to be able to pick her own clients. Being passionate about health and wellness, it made sense for her to focus on these industry sectors instead of doing PR for various companies in various sectors. Creating her own consultancy became evident for this reason. Here is her story.  


1. Tell us about you and your professional background

I have over nine years of experience in PR, working for top London agencies across fashion, fitness and lifestyle accounts. I graduated from Bournemouth University with a 2.1 degree in Events Management. During this time I took a placement year at Bryan Morel PR as an account assistant, which is where my PR career began. I personally have a passion for health & wellness, everything from fitness to spirituality and women’s health, which is why I decided to go freelance in 2014 to specialise in a sector I love and have the ability to handpick the clients I would like to work with.


2. How did you get into PR and ultimately become a freelancer?

As above. After working at Bryan Morel PR I went on to work at 2 other agencies. In the last agency, I started their health & fitness division and headed up a variety of clients from sports apparel to boutique fitness studios. I finally left the last agency and 6 weeks later I started my own business after reaching out to the network I had built over the years. I had 3 retained clients and I haven’t looked back since.


3. What services do you generally provide your clients?

- Creative PR strategy development to complement brand marketing activities.
- Impactful communications that drive traffic and sales.
- Heighten brand awareness across target markets and the digital landscape.
- Facilitate partnerships with like-minded brands.
- Event organisation and execution, including brand sponsorship opportunities.
- Profiling health and wellbeing experts within the media.

4. How do you find new clients?

For me word of mouth is king. Every client I currently work with and have worked with in the past has been as a result of a recommendation.


5. What’s the piece of work you’re proudest of?

There have been many over the years! Two things that stand out for me are when I secured a full page interview for my client Boom Cycle in the London Evening Standard and the other when my client Shaman Durek appeared on This Morning.


6. What has been the biggest challenge in your freelance career so far?

I don’t look back on things and see them as a ‘challenge’ per se, I believe everything that happens is meant to be and that unplanned events that occur are lessons to be learnt from – ultimately these events build you into a better business and person. If I had to name one thing I would say working on my own can sometimes be challenging, juggling various roles & responsibilities and being the sole person responsible for meeting a client's expectations and ultimately an ROI.


7. What makes you keep doing it? What do you love about what you do?

The fact that I know I contribute to the growth and success of a brand. For me working with startups is incredibly rewarding, I have worked with Boom Cycle since 2014 and being involved in their growth and seeing the brand achieve everything they have to date will always be one of my proudest achievements.


8. What are your top tips for aspiring PR consultants?

- Trust your intuition
- Only represent clients you have a true passion for
- Honesty is the best policy
- Know your worth
- Always under promise and over deliver
- It’s PR, not ER


9. What average rate do you charge your clients?

Varies dependant on a clients brief.


Visit her website: 

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