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9 Ideas of Press Releases to send in April

Publishing a press release is one of the best avenues to help your brand receive media coverage. Looking for ideas of press releases for April? Increase your chances of press coverage with these 9 ideas of PR campaigns we've listed.

Press Releases are an integral part of Public relations and are a great way for businesses to attain media coverage to help increase their brand profile and online visibility. Journalists work in advance, sourcing content and stories to publish days and even weeks in advance of their deadline, so they will have already have started prepping content for April, and you should follow suit and do likewise!


Preparing high quality PR content is essential if you want your publications release to be chosen over others in your sector, but on occasion you may struggle for ideas to include in your press release. Despair not, below are a list of 9 examples of press releases to send in April.


1. Summer Is Coming

The summer months are almost upon us, and as I type this and many publications will have started preparing their features. The United Kingdom’s summer months were once unpredictable but in previous years it has become synonymous with constant warm weather and we now look to spend as much time outdoors as possible. With bars and restaurants again likely to be busy, those in the food and restaurant sector, now is the time to get your summer menus and itinerary ready and inform the relevant publications. And as for those in the domestic tourism industry, the warm weather is likely to lead many to look for holidays within the United Kingdom so now is the time to inform the media of what offers and deal your company is offering this summer.


2. The Lotus Awards

While the name of the awards may suggest it’s in relation to the car manufacturer, this award is one all companies should take notice of. The Lotus Awards are about recognising great organisations; irrespective of sector, size, or budget; and focusing on what makes them unique. With no limit on the number of winners per award, awards will be given to those who can showcase their strong company culture and sustainability.

A fantastic way to garner media coverage and boost your company’s profile, and while the event falls on the 1st June, the deadline for entries is 15th April, so there is still time to enter. If you do get shortlisted, be sure to post a press release to tell the media!


3. Spring Collection

Right about now is the time of the year many retailers release their spring clothing collection, fresh with new outfits, designs and styles. With the spring months being the time we look to shed the jumpers, cardigans and put the coats back in the cupboard never to be seen again till the autumn months, many consumers will be on the prowl looking for new outfits, with lighter, more colourful clothes on the agenda. For retailers and designers, now is the time to publish a press release, and inform the media of your new collections and catch your audience’s eye.


4. World Health Day                                                                          

A global health awareness day is celebrated every year on the 7th of April, under the sponsorship of the World Health Organisation, held to mark the organisation's founding. It is seen as an opportunity to draw attention to the importance of global health and every year since 1995 an annual theme is selected that highlights a priority area of concern. This year, the theme is universal health coverage. UHC is keen to ensure all people and communities have access to quality health services where and when they need them, without suffering financial hardship.

What can small businesses do to help maintain the health and wellbeing of their employees? Are there drives and measures in place to help employees maintain a healthy state as well as a healthy state of mind?


5. World Art Day

A day put forward to honour Leonardo Da Vinci, World Art Day falls on April 15th to commemorate the legendary artists’ birthday. It is an international celebration of the fine arts, to promote creative works and activity worldwide, with exhibitions and presentations held in Turkey, France, Cyprus, Sweden amongst other nations. The Day has also been supported by the Google Arts Project.


6. World Voice Day

Tuesday 16th April is World Voice Day, a celebration of the voice in the workplace, play and music, and in the wider society. A day promoted by the British Voice Association, the occasion is all about celebrating healthy voices and why everyone needs to be heard and needs to know what to do if their voices let them down. The media would like to know about the events you’re planning, and be sure to accompany the press release with images and media from the event, in order to maximise the chances of your story being covered.


7. Chinese Language Day

With it being the world’s most widely spoken language it only seems appropriate that Mandarin Chinese has an annual day of commemoration. Taking place on the 20th April, the day was established by the UN as a way of celebrating the language's history and contribution to the world.


Businesses with strong Chinese connections could use this special day to make themselves heard. Maybe you are a restaurant celebrating the day with the launch of a new dish or menu, an organisation with a long lasting or a recently new trade deal with Chinese businesses. Or do you employ a large number of Chinese individuals and you are keen to highlight the positive contributions they have made to your business and sector? There are numerous angles you could approach this from in order to receive quality media coverage.


8. Easter Sunday

Sunday 21st April welcomes one of the most reflective and celebratory periods of the year in Easter Sunday. Good Friday and Easter Monday fall within this period, and it is an occasion that holds varying levels of significance for different groups of people. While Christians will celebrate the resurrection if Jesus, for others it is time for eggs and to indulge their sweet tooth in chocolate.

For retailers, it is a great opportunity to get your products in gift guides and the relevant magazines. Publishing press releases detailing the launch of products and gift ideas is a great way to boost sales, and for businesses, are you marking the occasion in any way?


9. International Mother Earth Day

International Mother Earth Day on the 22th April is a celebration and a reminder to each of us of our responsibilities to the Earth and its ecosystems that provide us with life. With the signs and dangers of global warming becoming all too commonplace, the day aims to inspire humankind to reflect on their interactions with our home and what steps need to be taken to sustain life on Earth for future generations. International Mother Earth Day is an opportunity to raise awareness, through schemes and events, and it is certainly a topic that will interest journalists.


If you’re in need of assistance or pointers when it comes to writing a press release, download our free guide to writing a press release like an expert, which many business have used to help secure press coverage. In the guide, we explain how to structure a press release, lay out the ideal template and even include an example of a press release.

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