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7 Ideas of Press Releases to send in March

Looking for ideas of press releases to send in March? Increase your chances of press coverage for your business with these 7 ideas of PR campaigns we've listed.

With the new year now in full swing, new business plans and campaigns are sure to be up and running. Businesses view these as paramount to their company’s growth and develop and dedicate a sizeable chunk of their budgets on these different avenues, but often neglect PR, with the advantages and benefits overlooked or not quite understood.  A short (ish) Winter period sees us shift into March. A month brimming with notable events, days and awards, that make perfect content for a press release, so if you feel that you have nothing to respond to a journalist’s request with or no story to tell the world, think again. Below are examples of great ideas you can use for press release topics to increase the likelihood of receiveing coverage for your business.

1. Beginning of Spring

Despite February only just drawing to a close, the climate has seen a drastic upturn with the the weather and temperature resembling the summer period. Beer gardens, outdoor pubs and restaurants have seen a noticeable increase in visitors, and if you run a business that typically generates more business in the summer months, now is the time to capitalize and run PR campaigns detailing new deals and offers you are running. With the sport season still in full swing, notably the final stretch of the Premier League and the Champions League knockout stages, informing journalists of special deals, offers and notable menu additions are sure to bring in more visitors.

2. Top Franchise Awards

Beginning on the first of the month and continuing till the 1st of May, these annual awards celebrate and publicly celebrate and acknowledge franchisors who help women combine success and notable achievements alongside raising a family. Taking on the dual responsibility of focusing on a career, working day to day as well as caring for a family comes with it’s burdens and challenges, and there may be a unique story to be told here. If you’re shortlisted for this award, publish a press release informing the media of such, and if you win, ensure you write a second piece, accompanied by an image of you collecting the award!

3. World Book Day

World Book Day falls on the 7th March, an occasion where beloved book characters are cherished and brought to life and authors of today and yesteryear are revered and celebrated. Fundraising efforts also occur up and down the United Kingdom with children dressing up as their favourite character, as well as numerous events including competitions and Q&A with authors. It’s an excellent opportunity for organisations including youth clubs and schools to inform journalists of their plans for World Book Day and what the day means to them.

4. FSB Celebrating Small Business Awards

Hundreds of new business are started every single day, with many receiving minimal funding to grow into successful organisations making a notable impact in their sector. The FSB Celebrating Small Business Awards, beginning Friday 8th March and running till Wednesday 17th April, showcase the best small businesses within the UK, offering national recognition for those who have made the biggest impression over the last 12 months. Deadline for entries is 8th March so there is still time to enter, and if you’re shortlisted, inform the media, likewise if your business is victorious.

5 . International Women’s Day

Falling on Friday, 8th March, the campaign theme for 2019 International Women’s Day is #BalanceforBetter. The better the balance, the better the world. This is a day when woman are recognized for their wide variety of achievements without regard to their differences, whether national, ethnic, cultural, linguistic or economic. There are thousands of stories to be told that journalists would be eager to cover. How many businesses have an inspiring story about a woman in business, an individual  who has made an outstanding contribution to a business or undertaking impactful charity work with little regard for the limelight?

6. Brexit Deadline

Friday 29th March is the day that many have been anticipating, at 11pm the United Kingdom is set to leave Europe. The withdrawal date has been looming for months, with many still unsure what the impact will be for everyone, particularly in the business world, and small businesses in particular. Individual sectors and industries will be impacted differently and with the press coverage surrounding this event will be heavily emphasises and

if your business is taking certain precautions or putting preparations in place for the exit, the media would be keen to know.


7. Mother’s Day

Rounding off the month, Sunday, 31st March is Mother’s Day. An occasion to celebrate and honour our mothers, maternal bonds, motherhood, and their influence in our lives and society.

Journalists love to hear from women who juggle a career along with the duties of motherhood. For retailers, it is a period that they must take advantage of, with it being one of busiest and most profitable times of the year, with the opportunity to market original, memorable and unique Mother’s Day gifts. For the food and hospitality sector, emphasising that we need to spoil our mothers is a must!

These are just some of the many events occurring in March. If you’re struggling to keep track of all the great coverage opportunities; not just in March; but throughout the year then take a look at our blog ‘Four powerful ways to use a business calendar to raise your profile.’ If you’re in need of assistance or pointers when it comes to penning a press release, download our free guide to writing a press release like an expert, which many business have used to help secure press coverage.

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