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7 Ideas of Press Releases to Send in February

Looking for ideas of press releases for February? Increase your chances of press coverage with these 7 ideas of PR campaigns we've listed.

The level of planning and research that goes into a piece of marketing is intrinsically linked to its level of success, whether it is an email campaign or an e-book. Your PR campaigns are no different, and with journalists working to strict deadlines and seeking stories to use in their publication's weeks in advance, planning your press releases with the same time frame in mind can maximise your chances of being featured in their publications.  

February is a month filled with many key dates and events, bristling with media opportunities for your organisation. So, if you do feel that you have nothing to share with the world; fear not; here are seven examples of press releases you can send in February.


1. Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year starts on February 5th this year. It is the Year of the Pig, the twelfth of the 12-year cycle of animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calendar. A pig represents luck, good fortune, wealth, honesty, symbolizing a hard-working, a peace-loving person. Journalists will be very keen to hear how businesses are commemorating this glorious occasion. Maybe you are a restaurant celebrating the day with the launch of a new dish or menu, an organisation with a long lasting or a recently new trade deal with Chinese businesses. Or do you employ a large number of Chinese individuals and you are keen to highlight the positive contributions they have made to your business and sector.


2.Valentine’s Day

That special day for loved up couples is back! And whether you look forward to it avidly or cannot wait for the day to pass, it is second only to Christmas in terms of the press coverage and marketing it receives as an individual day. Are you in the food and hospitality sector with special offers for couples or a business with products specifically designed for the day? Media outlets will be keen to hear from you to include in their February publications.


3. Time to Talk Day

Thursday 7th February is Time to Talk Day. Discussing one’s mental health has often been seen as taboo with many attempts made to destigmatize the subject to have it discussed openly and freely.

This is a great opportunity to help raise awareness of mental health by sharing your story with the media.

Journalists will be looking for personal stories and case studies of how people have overcome mental health, broken the taboo and been able to seek help from professionals and experts. Have your organisation taken steps to help employees both at home and in the workplace to talk about their problems, and is there anything you have planned on the 7th to raise awareness of this day.


4. National Recycling Awards

With cloud-based solutions becoming more the norm, businesses in all sectors are taking measures to eliminate their paper use and in turn, reduce their carbon footprint. Is your business taking certain steps to save our planet through recycling? Are there employee initiatives and incentives for those that regularly recycle?

The National Recycling Awards occur between Friday 15th February & Thursday 27th June, and if you believe you fit the criteria these awards are for you and will ensure a good media press for winners. Nominations close on 15th February and the awards will be presented in London on 27th June.

If you’re shortlisted for this award, post a press release to tell the media. If you win, journalists would love to hear about it too, so ensure you pen a second release- if you’ve got a photo of you collecting the award make sure you add that.


5. World Human Spirit Day

Sunday 17th February is World Human Spirit Day. It is a chance for individuals to contemplate and celebrate hope, awareness and contentedness.  

As well as being a day for people to take stock of themselves and their wellbeing, journalists will be looking for stories and case studies of individuals who promote awareness on this day or doing anything significant to celebrate the day. Also, have you as an individual or business achieved great things in the past year or know of individuals who have displayed great strength or spirit to overcome certain difficulties or troubles.


6. International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day, on the 21st February, has been observed every year since February 2000, to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. The United Kingdom is proud to boast such a diverse range of cultures and languages, and with-it being home to many first, second and third generation immigrants, particularly from the commonwealth, there are many stories to be told that journalists are eager to hear. How challenging is it to start a business while communicating in a second language? Are you part of a business or sector which houses numerous linguistic tongues? How do you as someone who was born in the United Kingdom, or recently arrived, strike the balance between integrating and becoming someone who feels at home in Britain but also keen to preserve their mother tongue and heritage?


7. International Book Giving Day

Whilst the 14th February is widely known as Valentine's Day, another occasion falls on this day that many individuals may be more inclined to participate in.

The idea behind International Book Giving Day is for readers to pass on their favourite books to younger people. What are the inspirational books that businesses owners would pass on to the next generation? Are there any books that helped to shape you as an individual, whether fiction or non-fiction novels, business orientated or an adventure novel set in the wilderness? Journalists are keen to hear your novella stories.


These are just seven of many events occurring in February. If you’re struggling to keep track of all the great coverage opportunities in February, and throughout the year, then take a look at our blog Four powerful ways to use a business calendar to raise your profile.

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