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Why PR is more than another press release

A good press campaign means a lot more than writing a press release. Join Nine Media Training and JournoLink for a one day PR masterclass that will teach you what makes a story in the eyes of a journalist.

Press releases are key to any business owners press campaign, but did you know the majority of press releases sent to a journalist are deleted? This is often because the sender has failed to find the right story, not targeted the types of journalists they send to, pitched too early or too late, or simply hasn’t provided the relevant information.

Furthermore, many business owners send one press release and believe that will get them noticed by the media. However, a good press campaign is more than writing ‘another’ standard press release, it’s about increasing your online presence so journalists can find you, and using the correct tools to connect with the media.

In partnership with Nine Media Training, JournoLink is hosting a one day masterclass event to teach you how to curate a good press campaign. It will delve deeper into the media landscape and secrets you need to know to make the most of your PR efforts.

Prior to our masterclass event, below we’ve listed five ways in which you can improve your press campaign, all topics which will be covered on the day.

1. Learn journalists secrets

An important part of PR is understanding the media landscape and how journalists work depending on the publication they write for, or whether they’re freelance. It is essential to find out the type of stories they cover i.e. news, reviews or features, and their lead times i.e short lead (such as newspapers and digital) or long lead (such as magazines).

2. Find your business story

Every business has many stories to tell, but when it comes to PR it’s important to find a media-worthy story. Journalists want to tell unique and relevant stories to their readers, and stories they know their readers will be interested in. Therefore, any old business update won’t do.

3. Target the right journalists

When sending a press release its important to know you’re targeting the right journalists. One of the main reasons journalists delete releases is simply because they’re not relevant to them. Relating back to the first point, you need to know what industry sectors they write about i.e. health and fitness, or fashion, and what types of stories they cover.

4. Craft a great press release

Journalists receive hundreds of press releases a day, most of which get deleted. It is important to make your press release stands out in their inbox. From an eye-catching headline, newsworthy content and including all the relevant information, you need to make sure the journalists know exactly why you're contacting them.

5. Increase your online presence

Sending one press release isn’t enough to get your business noticed, you need to be actively promoting yourself and your business on social media so you can be found by journalists as well. Once a journalist has received your press release they’ll want to know more about you, and they’ll most likely go straight to your social profiles to find out more. Make sure you’re visible and easy to find.

Want to delve deeper into these five points, learn more about creating a good press campaign and make sure your press release isn’t deleted?

Join JournoLink and Nine Media Training for the 'Raise your media profile: One day masterclass' to teach you what makes a story in the eyes of a journalist; typical formats for features and news stories and how you can fit in with that; how to create a media-worthy campaign relevant for your business; who and where to pitch your story ideas; and how to raise your personal profile so you can be found by the media.

Presented by Helen Croydon, journalist, broadcaster and author and Becky Howard, former magazine editor and comms consultant, both founding partners of Nine Media Training.

Find out more about the event and buy your tickets here.

Written By: Camilla Holroyd, Media Relations Manager

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