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10 ideas of PR campaigns to run in July

July offers many PR opportunities for business. The weather, the season, the activities, there is a lot to talk about. Read our 10 ideas of PR campaigns you can run in July.

July is a perfect time to be working on your PR strategy plan and creating press releases. The sun’s out, people are in a joyous mood, and journalists are on the prowl looking for new story ideas to share with the public.

It can be daunting and sometimes difficult to decide what to send out, so we’ve compiled a list of 10 examples of PR campaigns to run in July:

guide write press release - PR campaigns in July

Independent Retailer Month

July is the awaited Independent Retailer Month. This month highlights the importance smaller independent retailer hold in society. Journalists will be looking around to find independent retailers to feature, so make sure to get involved and let them know why you’re so important.  


There are many different sporting events scattered during July - from the World Cup, Wimbledon and Tour De France to Formula 1’s Grand Prix.

This is a perfect opportunity to showcase sports or sports-related products to journalists - they’ll be looking for businesses to publish that reflect these sporting events.

World Chocolate Day

7th of July is World Chocolate Day. The day is dedicated to all things cocoa-based so if your business deals with this then this day is a perfect opportunity for you to send out a press release. Is your business taking part in any way? This is a great opportunity for you to have an office chocolate-feast, or to send chocolates to your business and media contacts.

Hot Weather-related products

Expect the weather to heat up considerably during July. One thing us British people love to do is moan about the weather, so if your business deals with hot weather-related products then make sure you’re showcasing these to the public.

Have you got any flash sales or special offers?

Iced/ Cold beverages

Along with the heat, iced and generally cold beverages will be heavily consumed throughout July - everything from slushies to Pimms cocktails.

Have you got a new product or recipe launch?

Journalists will be on the hunt for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic new concoctions in the market for them to write about.

Food Festivals

There are many different food festivals taking place during July - from the Colmore Food Festival on the 6th to Craft Drink Festival on the 28th.

Are you planning to attend? It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase your food or unveil a new recipe.

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Summer Clothing and Accessories

With the summer heat, comes summer clothes and beachwear - now would be the perfect time to release these. If you have a new summer line, then make sure you’re using social media, like Instagram, to get the word out. Now is also a great time to look into working with bloggers and influencers who could fashion your line and help get the word out.

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National Parks Week

July 23rd begins National Parks Week. This week champions everything special about national parks and many different parks will be hosting activities and showcasing different food items.

Are you campaigning for the preservation of national parks, or are simply planning to showcase your product? Remember to use social media, like Twitter, to let people know where to find you.

Summer Holiday Activities

School’s out!

Summer holidays begin in July and so now is a perfect time to showcase any family games and activities. Children and parents will be hunting around for different activities to keep themselves occupied and entertained.

Many journalists will be looking around and compiling lists of different games and activities for families during the summer holidays. Have you recently released a new game or fun experience?

Summer Tourism and Hospitality

Summertime is a great time to raise campaigns and advertise your business; especially if you work in the tourism and hospitality sector. With more and more Britons opting for ‘staycations’, the opportunity to increase revenue during the summer is incredibly high.

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July is a great time to look into running social media campaigns (i.e through Instagram and Facebook) and even promoting special offers for August and September. Just remember that if you do any of this, to make sure to write about it.

You got it, July offers many opportunities to get your business talked about. So keep your eyes and ears open and seize your chance. 

Written by: Simran, Media Relations Executive

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