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How to write a press release to promote an event

Sending a press release to promote an event you're about to run could help you get the attention of the media and of key influencers.


Lots of small businesses hold events to promote themselves. It could be an event to launch your new product, or it could just be a shortened version of a class or service you provide in order to generate leads for your small business.

Whatever event you are running you should definitely be sending a press release to promote it.

Below I have outlined how to write a press release to promote an event.


Step 1: The Headline:


As with every headline you want it to be snappy and to the point. Include the name or theme of the event, and leave the reader wanting to know more.

If it’s the first time you’ve run that event, or there is something unique about it, tell the reader here, but make sure to limit the number of words you use.


Step 2: The Angle:


The first couple of lines need to keep the journalist enthralled. Give them a reason to read on by giving them an angle that’s too good to miss.

Make sure to fill in the information you left out of the headline. By the end of this section, you want to make sure the journalist knows the basics of the event including where and when it is, and why you are doing it.

The last of these points, looking at why you are running the event, is likely to be where your angle is. Is your new product going to be a game-changer for the market? How is your free or discounted class going to help those who come along?

Try not to go into too much detail here. Keep the journalist reading.


Step 3: Your Quote


Now the journalist knows what the story is you need to provide a personal touch. Give them a quote from a spokesperson for your business and try to provide some emotion and an opinion too. Using phrases like “We believe this event will herald a new era for (your industry etc)” will bring your quote to life.


Step 4: More Details


If the journalist has read to this point they’ve shown a great interest in your release. Now’s the time to provide more information about the event. Why did you decide to run the event? If it’s a recurring event, how long has it been running for? If you have run events like this before, or if you’re introducing a new product or an update to an existing product, why not outline some statistics that show support for your decision to run this event.

An example of this might be “Two-thirds of those who attended the last event run by (your business) implemented positive changes to their lives within six months”.  


Step 5: A Supporting Quote


You’ve just outlined more details about the event and explained why you’re running it. In step 5 we look at a supporting quote. It’s likely that this will be from your business’s spokesperson again, backing up why you’re running the event.

If you have run a similar event in the past though, if the product you’re launching isn’t your first, or if you do have testimonials from previous customers, this would be a great time to quote them.

Remember, PR is about third-party recommendations so the more people that sing your praises the better.


Step 6: Summarise


It’s likely that the words you use here will have been used in previous press releases. The purpose of this paragraph is to explain what your business does and the values it holds.


Step 7: Call to Action


End your press release by explaining how the journalist can find out more about the event or your business.

This section is often also called the ‘Notes to editors’, and will commonly include the name of the main point of contact and their job role, their telephone number and email address, along with the website (or websites) where more information can be found.

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