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How can PR help your business save money?

PR is an excellent way to communicate about your business without going bankrupt. For this reason, small businesses should considering it.

PR, to explain simply, is a role which involves creating publicity and a good public image. As mentioned in No, your business is not too small to do PR, PR is not only for larger well-known businesses but can also be used by SMEs. In fact, it’s advised that all businesses get involved with PR as a safeguard way to help prevent negative press and audience opinion!

So, how can PR help your business save money?

PR is affordable

One of the big ways PR is done is about forming good relationships with journalists and influencers, with your customers and with the news. The process itself doesn’t involve a lot of money as there are a lot of affordable or free channels and tools out there that can help with that.

By simply engaging with key influencers in your sector and your clients by using a blog or social media, you're already doing PR. 

PR is more cost-effective than advertising

Unlike advertising which usually involves spending money on business campaigns to get in front of your target audience, PR spends considerably less by instead promoting the business’ image. It allows you to build and create a good business perception and to build trust as opposed to simply promoting a product or service.

Many studies show that people trust more and more personal recommendations and less and less advertising. PR is the discipline that will help you get your product or service recommended by third-parties. Which in the long term is much more beneficial!

Advertising and PR are nonetheless complementary, the first help with your brand cognition and the second with the effect. People need both to purchase a product.

It reaches a wider audience.

To put things bluntly: more exposure means more additional revenue.

To engage and be active on different platforms allows your business to reach your audience in different ways. Different outlets like social media management and blogging allows your business to reach audience members - and above all are free!

We live in the tech-savvy digital age so make sure to take advantage of the fact that ‘the internet is forever’ and that the more active you are, the more likely people will see it.

It can be managed in-house

The most beneficial aspect of getting involved in PR is that it can be managed in-house and on a budget!

The benefit of managing your PR in-house is that as well as being much cheaper than hiring an agency, you’ll also be more knowledgeable and experienced with the ins and outs of your business.

Here is a list of 10 affordable PR tools you can use to manage your PR in-house.

You can constantly see how well your company is doing – the growth and downfall – and can actively work to improve the public image from wherever you are.

Who better to run your business’s PR than you?

Written by: Simran, PR & Marketing  

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