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5 tools you should consider for your digital PR

Digital PR is now essential to grow as a business. To spread the word about your business, you'll need to use different online channels. Here are 5 of them you should consider.

The need for a digital presence as a small business is growing more and more each day. With a range of online publications, apps and content sharing platforms, the easiest way to communicate with existing and potential customers is via the digital world, especially when it comes to your PR and marketing. 

But as a small business owner how can you stand out amongst the crowd?

From working with those who already have a big audience to producing your own content we’ve suggested 5 inventive ideas for your digital PR strategy.


Over the past few years podcasts have risen in popularity and each day you can find new ones emerging on a variety of subjects. Whether producing your own or pitching to be a guest on already successful shows, you can illustrate yourself as an expert in your field while producing interesting and engaging content for the listener.

If there is already a popular podcast in your field then listen to a few episodes before contacting the producer to offer yourself as a guest. Remember to pitch something relevant that hasn’t already been discussed on the show, the more unique the idea the more likely they will invite you to join.

However, if there isn’t any podcast in your industry there’s no stopping you creating your own. Think about the subjects you could discuss and float the idea around to a few colleagues or peers to see if they show any interest. By introducing a new podcast it could attract a bigger audience in which to promote your product or service.  

Influencer marketing

Many businesses now work with influencers to promote their products. Whether on Instagram, Twitter or their own personal blog many influencers have a large and loyal following meaning working with them can be a great way to promote your product to a wider audience than your current customers.

In addition, influencers often create unique and eye-catching content, such as videos to keep their followers engaged. Therefore, this can create an exciting new way to market your business, work more creatively and potentially show your product or service in a new light.

When choosing influencers to work with you need to think about their target audience and make sure it is the same as yours. Many influencers will only promote products and services if they believe it is right for their audience, therefore you need to make sure your business is a match.

Online Forums

The beauty of online forums is that anyone can join meaning you don’t know who you will meet or what business partnership you will gain. They are a great place where you can start discussions, answer peers questions and share your thoughts and industry knowledge.

This again shows yourself as an industry expert while being helpful to your current and potential customers, creating a community around your business and being seen as trustworthy.

Furthermore, this can attract journalists to speaking to you if they can already see you’re someone with knowledge and who people turn to they may get in contact to see if you would be interested in commenting on an article they’re working on. The idea is that you need to already be out there for them to find you.

Video Content

Writing blogs and press releases are a great way to get your name out there, however recently video content has taken off! Facebook and Twitter feeds are filled with videos from the best places to travel, new food trends to try and interesting new inventions everyone wants to get their hands on.

Why not have a go a creating some video content for your business and share it on your social media. If the video is eye-catching enough then your followers will share the content with theirs meaning the audience in which your product has seen will grow - you may even go viral!

In addition, video content may also catch the eye of journalists and bloggers. They receive over 300 email pitches and press releases a day, therefore by sending them something they don’t have to read could be a welcome break and might make your story more intriguing. Ever thought of sending a video press release? Well now is the time! Just remember to send it as a link and not to clog up their inbox with a huge file.

Live Stream

Another trend that has recently taken off is live streaming meaning customers and followers can watch things as they happen. One popular way to use live streaming is during a launch event so even those who couldn’t attend or live on the other side of the world can feel included.

One more example is holding a live chat, meaning you can answer your audience's questions as soon as they ask them. This could include answering questions about your product or sharing your knowledge on a certain subject. This can make your brand accessible to customers and make them even more involved in the business.

Live streaming creates the idea of your businesses being personable and relatable helping to retain current customers as well as reaching out to new ones.

By picking one or more of the above it can help your business stand out amongst the crowd when planning your digital PR strategy. They all have the ability to get your business out there and even more attract the media to your business - remember you need to already be out there for them to find you.

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Written By: Camilla Holroyd, Media Relations Manager

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