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10 examples of press releases to send in November

November is always a busy month for businesses with Christmas and the end of the year coming but it's not an excuse to forget your PR. Here are 10 examples of press releases you could send.


With a month to go until the holiday season, November is full of big events to help your PR keep occupied.

As mentioned in ‘Why PR isn’t always about your business’ you need to keep on top of the key events for the coming month and utilize them to your business’ advantage.

So, we’ve made it easy for you and come up with a list of 10 examples of press releases to send in November.


1. International Stress Awareness day

How do you manage stress in your company?

November 3rd is International Stress Awareness Day. This key event creates a topic of conversation for the company in regards to stress management. It makes you look at whether as a company you make it as stress-free for your employees as possible.

As a company how do you manage your employees stress? Whether it’s your flex-time morale, an evening out to the pub every week or even an office pet – journalist would want to know.


2. World Vegan Day

November 1st is World Vegan day.

So, if your company deals with vegan food or clothes then this event will be perfect for you to get your brand out to journalists. They will be looking for up and coming vegan brands so make sure you’re on top of your game and start your press release as soon as you can


3. Guy Fawkes Day

Remember remember the 5th of November! Every year Britons celebrate Guy Fawkes’ gunpowder plot with an array of live music, rides, food and fireworks. This is the perfect opportunity for you to find inspiration for you press release.

Whether your company is hosting a fireworks display, or you’re in the food business and want to share your toffee apple and hot chocolate recipes. Guy Fawkes Day is a great way to get journalists talking!


4. Remembrance Sunday

Remembrance Sunday falls on 12th November and dedicates the day for the nation to remember and honour those that lost their lives to protect this country’s freedom.

Have you bought your poppy yet? Are you planning to launch a campaign? Journalists will be interested to know what you and your company are doing for Remembrance Sunday.


5. Global Entrepreneurship Week

This year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week starts on the 8th November so if you have an entrepreneur business then this will be a perfect way to get coverage and get word out about your company on both a national and international scale!

Whether you want to share your business story, the challenges you’ve had to face or even your company’s future goals. The media coverage is always good so there will be plenty of journalists for your press release to get to.


6. World Kindness Day


World Kindness Day is held on 13th November this year so make sure you plan to do a good deed! Whether it’s being kind to other employees, donating to charity or even offering a discount to customers.

Journalist will be on the hunt for companies that are doing good deeds and being kind to one another – just make sure you don’t forget to write a press release about what you’ve done.



7. Black Friday

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving on the 26th November. The holiday, which only became more prominent in the UK a few years ago, is a great way for shoppers to get hefty discounts from retailers just in time for Christmas.

It might be a dreaded holiday for SMEs trying to compete with larger companies, but journalists would be on the lookout for smaller businesses trying to get their name out and promoting their own brand. What do you plan to do on Black Friday?



8. Children In Need

Children In Need is a fantastic UK charity that over the years has raised £800million to date for disabled children.

It’s held on the 19th November so if you’re in the food business with Pudsey inspired cupcakes, or you’re arranging a fancy dress day in your office to raise money – journalists would want to know!


9. St. Andrews Day

St. Andrews Day is held on the 30th November and is Scotland’s national holiday. Throughout Scotland there will be lots of events taking place from street parties, to bagpipe music, to traditional food and drinks.

Journalists would be interested to see how your company plans to celebrate St Andrews Day. Being such a big holiday this would be a great way to get your company’s word out and join in with the festivities.


10. Christmas

I’m sure you’ve heard it far too many time but with Christmas just around the corner, it’s not too late to start writing Christmas themed press releases!

If you still haven’t sorted out your December coverage then you still have this month to get in touch with journalists as well as bloggers, vloggers and influencers.

Make sure to also check out December’s edition. Being the most popular holiday month, with events like Christmas and New Year’s, there will be plenty of material to help get you prepared for the upcoming holiday season.

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