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Why is it Important to Have High-Quality PR Content

In the digital era, it's more than ever important to focus on producing high quality PR content to stand out from the crowd. Follow our guest blogger's top tips.



Along with the tech startup culture rose blogging and social media; that is, the way companies sought media attention changed. The hacker mentality transcended to all business aspects, even marketing.

As SEO, content and social media become the most reliable attention-grabbing methods, we can say that almost everyone got the chance at being media creators. It seems like there is no need for journalists anymore, right?


PR is in demand now more than ever before. Nevertheless, the approach has changed, evolved so to say, and now we are looking at the new digital face of PR.


What has changed

Competition has never been this fierce and PR professionals have to work that much harder. Internet is a large square and journalists need to get louder if they want their content to be heard. They need to extend their contact lists – while they are maintaining their relationships with the traditional journalism, they need to build stronger connections with bloggers and influencers who are also rushing to publish breaking news on their websites and social media profiles.

Furthermore, we are seeing less and less press conferences, and now publicists are using official Facebook and Twitter profiles to reach out to their target audience.

Still, one thing remained – the aim to create a message that will get in front of the right eyes and present a brand in the best possible light.


The era of content marketing, spiced up with PR

With search engines constantly upgrading their algorithms to better understand user queries, the emphasis has been on user satisfaction and quality content. Though content marketing can be called the secret recipe for growth, PR is a much-needed ingredient for success. In other words, due to their common goal, combining the two can bring a multitude of benefits.

Here, we are to mention only some of the most prominent ones:

1.  Sharing ideas

PR professionals need to be able to be able to predict the rising trends across different industries. Combining this talent with content creatives, fresh and innovative marketing ideas are born. On the other hand, content marketers provide PR professionals with specific insights in specific niches.

2.  Higher quality content

Marketers have upped their game when it comes to the quality of their content, and with PR, it reaches a whole new level. Namely, thanks to PR, the content you produce in relation to your brand can reach the target audience in an effective and influential way - you get the chance to reach wider audience.

3.  The consistency of a brand message

The identity of your brand has to be reflected in every aspect of your business online – from the content on your website and web design, to posts you publish on all your social media profiles – all of the communications have to be aligned to reinforce and maximize your value proposition, as well as brand identity and personality. In other words, a strategic editorial line has to be developed; defining an editorial calendar, you will have your on-site and off-site content cohesive.

4.  Building strong relationships with influencers

This at the same time represents one of the greatest PR challenges. Linking the brand message with the content on the website and PR campaign contributes to sending a much more impactful message. And when you get an influential persona to share it with their rich audience, you slowly but surely expand your readers/customer network and your reputation in the industry.


Digital PR is used to increase brand awareness


Match made in heaven

Content marketing is all about telling great stories, while PR is about pitching them to the right people. Evidently, it is not this OR that – it is this THEN that. You start by creating a great story with content marketing and then place it the hands of industry influencers, journalists and editors who will give it the boost it needs.

Remember, the higher the quality of content, the easier it will be to reach out to the best possible PR professionals.


Bulletproof strategy

How do you generate media buzz? Start with a social media campaign – make a list of influencers to contact and study the content they share. When the time is right, outreach them with your content in attempt to get a quote or link. Slowly but surely you will build strong connections and at some point, there will be no need for you to make the first move – others will be sharing your content on their own, all due to its quality and relevance. 



Written by: Blake Davies is a marketing consultant and a blogger on several prominent online publications. He is also the new managing editor of

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