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10 examples of press releases to send in September

September is always a busy month for journalists as there is so much going on. Here are 10 exemples of press releases you can send during

As with any piece of marketing, the success of your PR strategy is highly dependent on the level of planning that goes into it.

In a previous blog we’ve looked at why you might not have received coverage and one key element of that is the relevance of your article.

So if you’re stuck for ideas for your PR for this month, here are ten examples of press releases you can send in September.

Christmas gift guides

We know you’re just getting over the summer (or what we’ve had of it anyway), but lots of journalists and bloggers are already planning their Christmas gift guides at the moment.

Some journalists started writing their guides in July, so September may represent your last opportunity to submit your products.

If you’re in retail, think about what products you have on sale which could be good stocking fillers and try to stand out as much as possible. Remember that lots of businesses will be trying to get coverage in these guides. For more tips on increasing your chances of success, take a look at one of our other blogs here.


While Halloween is more of an American holiday it has become increasingly popular in the UK over recent years.

Think about any products that might be relevant for a Halloween party, or maybe you run a small business in the health industry and you could provide a warning for kids having too much ‘trick or treat’ candy?

Autumn activities

Whilst we’ve not had the warmest of summers, we’re now looking towards autumn and some experts are predicting that we’ll see a warmer autumn than normal.

Do you a run a holiday home that’s usually busy in the summer months, but expect to see a busier period in the autumn this month?

If you’re in the fashion industry then September also provides a big opportunity through London Fashion Week. How is your small fashion boutique keeping up with the latest trends?

Trade in Asia

Besides headlines about North Korea, recent news has been about trade deals in Asia, and between the UK and Japan specifically.

Do you trade with Asia, or are you planning to? Journalists will be keen to hear how these new larger scale trade deals will provide smaller businesses with additional opportunities.


International news channels have highlighted the effect of flooding in Texas in the aftermath of tropical storm Harvey, but how could you potentially be affected?

Think about how you have protected your business against potential natural disasters or other issues. What would happen if your home or office were flooded and how would it impact your business?

Back to school

September is back to school month for primary and secondary school students, so if you are in the education sector think about those last minute buys before the kids are back.

Likewise, students start returning to university in September and October so don’t forget those older students, who are maybe living away from home, who may be in more of a rush.

End of summer

August didn’t provide the best weather, so if you’re a seasonal business that’s reliant on trade in the summer months how has the poor weather affected you? How are you going to make up the shortfall?

Fair Trade Month in October

Fair Trade products have become more and more popular recently, so while they may not be a story in their own right, October is Fair Trade Month meaning any fair trade products you do sell could qualify for a comment.

Try to think outside the box though. Don’t just mention that it’s Fair Trade Month next month and that you sell fair trade products. Instead, talk about the impact your business or products have had because they are fair trade, or about how your customers have made a positive difference because they bought your fair trade product.

New iPhone expected

It’s likely that Apple will be launching the latest version of their iPhone this month, so think about how you could use this to project your own brand.

This year is the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, so maybe your tech-based business could look at a review of the last ten years in tech?

Alternatively, like Apple maybe your business thinks outside the box and is constantly innovating?

Organic September

Like fair trade products, organic products have become much more popular over recent years, so Organic September is a great way to highlight that you sell organic products.

However, as with Fair Trade Month, the key here is to stress the impact of organic products on the health of your customers or the quality of your food, as opposed to just advertising the fact that you sell organic products.

Depending on the industry you are in, there will be a number of different topics you can frame your press releases around and the above list is far from exhaustive.


The JournoLink calendar, for example, can provide you with a number of prompts for events and key pieces of news that might be relevant for your business. To find out more about that sign up for a free trial of the JournoLink platform today.

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