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10 examples of press releases to send in August

Do you need inspiration for your press release? Read our article to find out 10 ideas of press release you can write in August.

August is a great month to send press releases. Newspapers and online publications still have to publish articles at the same rate but, as a lot of companies slow down their activities during summer, journalists receive less press releases than usual, meaning that your story has a better chance of being picked up. But then what should you write about? Read our 10 examples of press releases for August.

1. Summer Break: Do you have any last minute deals or offers to promote?

August is the most popular time of the year for holidays in the UK. The weather is (normally) ideal, it’s the summer break for the kids and companies reduce their activity. The demand for summer equipment, clothes, holidays trips, touristic and leisure activities, etc is booming.

If you run a hospitality business or if you’ve got any products or services related to holidays you may have last minute deals available. Journalists and bloggers are looking for these kinds of special offers, especially online publications. Try your luck and send a press release to appear in a product listing. It’s not necessarily too late!

2. After-holiday blues

Remember that lots of  journalists are already planning what they are going to write about for the next few months, so in August they are already looking for good stories for September.

One popular topic that journalists write about every year is the after-holidays blues. How do you feel being back at work? How do you make sure you catch-up on the work you missed?

They will be looking for testimonies and comments to enrich their articles. Whatever your industry sector it’s a good opportunity to get your brand in the media. Send a press release with your top tips for example.

3. After-holiday detox

 August and summer are also often known for their excesses. Between endless meals, profuse alcohol and reduced physical activity, holidays diets are rarely recommended. Lifestyle journalists are already thinking about their articles on ‘how to do an after-holiday detox’. It’s an excellent opportunity for food, health or sports-related businesses to send a list of tips or to highlight a product or service that will help.

4. Comment on the slow period

As August is in the middle of summer activity is generally ticking over and lots of agencies even stop working for one or two weeks. How do you handle it in your company? Does it cause any problems? Do you have a plan to make the most of it?

Journalists or business bloggers could be interested in what you have to say.

5. The Bank Holiday

Bank holidays are always good opportunities for press releases. First, for hospitality, leisure or even retail businesses. It gives you a chance to offer a special deal or to organise a specific event to celebrate the bank holiday. You can then send your story to journalists and bloggers who will be looking for them.

You can also decide to comment on it. Have you chosen to work on the bank holiday? Explain why in a paragraph or two. You could be picked up and appear in the media.

Also, note that bank holidays are actually good days to send press releases as journalists generally receive less of them. So if you have a story to share, it could be a good time.

6. Back to school and to work

As I said before, journalists and bloggers plan their articles in advance. One unavoidable topic in September will be the start of the school year and the return to work. Vast topic treated from multiple angles every year. You could pitch your product or service here. Be creative!

7. September deals

The same thing can be said with the september deals. In the hospitality industry there are more and more businesses that set up special offers for late holidays-makers. If you’re one of them, why don’t you try to get in one of ‘the best September deals’ listings?.

8. Lots of festivals

In August there are also a lot of food, drink, fashion and music festivals and carnivals.

If your business is related to one of these sectors, jump at the chance and get involved. Here is a non exhaustive list of them:

  • Edinburgh Foodies
  • Festival
  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  • London Craft Beer Festival
  • Bath and Bristol Food Festival
  • Great British Beer Festival
  • The Nottingham Food and Drink Festival
  • Leeds Music Festival
  • Notting Hill Carnival

You can also use our calendar to find out about events in your industry in August.

9. Pre-christmas

Christmas in August? Yes, it can sound strange but actually certain publications, particularly print ones, prepare their Christmas editions and gift guides five or six months in advance. So in July or August you should already think about your PR strategy for the end of the year, especially when you have a product based business. So be ready to pitch to journalists and bloggers about your product and service detailing why it’s the ideal gift.

10. Still lots of awards during summer

Finally, take note that there are many awards programmes that open their entries during August such as the Self Management Awards, the AIM Awards, North West Media Awards, Diversity Awards or the Great British Entrepreneurs Awards. Applying for awards is a good way to get you business in the media. If you get shortlisted or if you win one, don’t forget to send a press release.

August offers so many opportunities to get you brand in the media. Always try to think out of the box, to constantly look for events related to your business and to follow the news in your sector to be ready to react. That’s the secret for a successful PR strategy!

Written by: Julie Cocquerelle, Marketing Executive

Julie has a degree in Marketing and PR, and has worked in marketing for a number of startup businesses, both in France and the UK. She now runs JournoLink’s marketing efforts, and works closely with our partners. When not in the office Julie enjoys travelling and soaking up European culture.

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