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Four reasons why you should apply for awards

Applying for awards is a great way to draw attention to your business. Have you thought about including that in your marketing efforts? Read 4 reasons why you should.


Applying for awards on behalf of your small business can present lots of opportunities for you. There are lots of awards programmes to enter, from small sector-specific ones to larger ones that cover almost every small business. There are also lots of different organisations that run awards. Here are four reasons why you should apply for awards.


Applying for awards helps to increase your profile

If you win an award, or even if you are shortlisted, the awards company will, in all likelihood, make an announcement.

Depending on the following that the awards have, your brand will be exposed to their endorsement.


It’s an Easy piece of PR

Lots of businesses struggle to write a press release. But being shortlisted for, or actually winning, an award is a very easy piece of news.

If you can, find out how many others applied for the award, and how many were shortlisted. If you’re one of the lucky few, you have been recognised for the work you and your team are doing.

Rather than just writing a basic headline like ‘Company X wins X award’ think about a headline that will catch the eye of a journalist- something like ‘Location-based company X triumphs at Y national industry awards’.


Stand out from your competition

Lots of consumers now shop or browse online before they make a purchase or use any products or services.

Reviews and testimonials are a great way to prove your worth, and winning or being shortlisted for an award works in the same way.

The awards act as a recommendation for other potential customers, so make sure you shout about any awards you win or are shortlisted for, preferably in the places your potential customers may be looking, such as social media and your website.

Why not also think about adding the information to your email signature.


Benchmark yourself against your competitors

Just as award programmes offer you the opportunity to stand out from your competitors, they also allow you to benchmark yourself too.

If your competitor has won an award and your business fulfils the same criteria, why not apply? Before you do, try to understand why they won the award. What set them apart from the other applicants?

If you can understand why they won, it might also provide you with some food for thought about your own business, and where you could improve.


While there are hundreds, if not thousands, of awards your business could potentially apply for, it’s best to have a targeted approach. Dedicate some time to award applications as part of your marketing allocation, but spend it wisely by applying for the most relevant awards.

Luckily, the JournoLink calendar has a wide selection of award programmes for your small business to apply for, as well as other top tips and tricks for running your PR.


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