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How to use PR to promote your green business

Promoting your green business through PR is a great way to build your brand profile and increase your credibility. Find out how.

Many small businesses are creating sustainable business plans, however failing to use this angle when talking to the press. Going green can increase credibility and put you at the forefront of change. Whether you’re going paperless or introducing hybrid vehicles, journalists are eager to hear about your business.

See three points below on how to use PR to promote your green business.


Case Study

By going green as a business you can reduce waste, save money and improve the work environment. Think about what your business has saved and how it has improved since going green, whether this is in the form of statistics or employee feedback, create a case study to present to relevant journalists.

Take a look at this article in 2017 from Telegraph SME Connect: ‘Low-cost ways to add colour and productivity to your workplace’. The journalist has featured three small businesses, one of which discusses how growing office plants has improved the productivity of their team through improving air quality and reducing stress levels.

Through this the business has presented themselves as a case study to encourage other small businesses to do the same. Creating an interesting story for the journalist and showing the business in a positive light.



Commenting on an awareness days or new data being released can show yourself as an expert in your field and give your business authority. It is a great time to discuss how your business will be affected by the changes or how your business can help those being affected.

For example, if your business solves a problem consumers have, has facts to back it up and piggybacks off already trending news, it creates an attention-grabbing story for both the journalist and their readers.

Awareness days are also a great way to achieve traction on social as there is already be a trending hashtag you can use to reach a wider audience. See Innocent Drinks Twitter feed, often showing their support for environmental change campaigns such as WFF’s Earth Hour and World Water Day.

Keep an eye out for awareness day and environmental data by creating a business calendar so you never miss an opportunity.  



Being shortlisted or winning awards not only celebrates your business but creates a great story for journalists, particularly when the award supports your businesses sustainability. By achieving recognition for your actions it promotes your business as leading the way for change, giving your business integrity and creating positive media coverage.

Awards ceremonies are also a create way to create relationships with journalists. For example, if there is a particular journalist who you believe would be interested in your story and attending the awards, invite them to join your table at the ceremony.


Going green in business can have many benefits, however most businesses fail to register how it can increasing your coverage and engagement with journalists. All of the above can bring you one step closer to getting your business in the news.


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Written By: Camilla Holroyd, Media Relations Executive

Camilla is the all-important portal between JournoLink's businesses and journalists; connecting them on a daily basis through press releases, Twitter engagements and editorial requests.

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