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Journolink on Health and Fitness

This week Journolink are focusing on Health and Fitness SME's. Read more about this..

Hello readers and happy Monday!

Im sure by now you know what Journolink does by now, and for those of you who don't;
Journolink is the interactive PR (PR = a posh way of promoting your brand!)  website  that directly links business of all sizes in all sectors with journalists on print titles, broadcast media , social media and the current blogs. We are a great tool for businesses, you can say we're your own advertising agency. By pushing your press releases ( another posh word, press release = a story about your business)  through our platform, we help you get your brand noticed through sending these press releases to relevant (in your field/sector) to journalists and bloggers. Journolink is equally as crucial for the Journalists, Journolink is your personal access point for news stories in the sectors where you have a specific interest, and in the location where you are based.

Now thats over with.. Lets get on with the blog!

Just over 3 weeks ago 36,000 people from all over England participated in the 2014 London Marathon. The Marathon started in Blackheath the gruesome 26.2 miles ended at Pall Mall! Our MD Gemma Guise also took part in the marathon and said "Even now I can't look at my trainers because I get the hangover feeling!  It may have been one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life but looking back, I loved every single minute of it!" Once Gemma completed in the marathon (in style with a time under 4hours) you bet our dear journalists, bloggers and writers were all calling Gemma for quotes for blogs and articles!
Since the Marathon we've had over 150 requests from Journalists and bloggers asking for various spokespeople and businesses relating to achieving the summer body.
For those who don't know what that means..This means that journalists want to be writing about YOU! 
According to the federation of small businesses there are almost 4.95 million small businesses in the UK as of April 2012 Out of these, 3.6 million are sole proprietors, 1.3 million are companies and 0.44 million are partnerships. 
With nearly 5million small businesses, we're sure there are more than 100,000 small businesses in the Health & Fitness sector. However, even with over 10% of 1Million businesses in this sector, Journalists still find it hard to find a company or someone to talk to. 
This is where we're here to help. If you have a small business in the health & fitness sector, Journolink are dedicating this week to you! All you need to do is;
  1.   Register HERE
  2. Post your press release on our site (We'll assist you with this) just give us a call or drop us an email.
  3. Let us send your press release to our database of Health&Fitness journalists.
Let the Journolink'ing commence!

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