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When to send your press release

Timing is very important when it comes to PR. A lot of businesses asked us 'when is the best time to send my press release?'. Read our blog to find out.

Many businesses ask us ‘when is the best time to send my press release?’. However, there is not one straightforward answer. There are many different factors which alter the best time for your news. It can depend on the type of outlet, the publication and the journalist themselves.

When targeting a particular publication or journalist, it is best to find out as much information about their deadlines and schedules. For example, depending whether the publication is monthly, weekly or daily will change the journalist’s deadlines and how far in advance they plan their content.

Below we’ve created some tips to help you find the best time to send your press release.

Lead Times  

Different publications will have different lead times, therefore you need to think of what type of publications you want to target, as well as what content you’re publishing. 

For example, if you’re targeting glossy magazines for their Christmas and Valentines gift guide then you will need to send your press release around 3 – 6 months in advance, remember journalists start planning for Christmas in July!

If you’re targeting local papers about a new shop or café opening then it’s best to send your release around 2 – 3 weeks in advance.

Furthermore, if you’re commenting on some breaking news, targeting online and daily newspapers, as well as TV and Radio, you need to send your release on the day. As close to the event happening as you can.

Day & Time

When thinking about what day and time to send your release it is best to avoid the most popular times. For example, mornings are normally more effective when sending a release. However, if everyone then decides to send their release at 9 am on a Monday, your release will get lost in the surge of emails in the journalists' inbox. Therefore, send your release at a more obscure time i.e. not on the hour.

In addition, it is important to avoid times when people are less likely to be at their desk, for example over the weekend and bank holidays. Or when people are less focused on work i.e. Friday afternoons.

Current News

Throughout your PR plan, you need to be aware of what is currently being covered in the news, especially when it comes to sending your press release. 

Depending on whether the news is relevant or irrelevant can either help or hinder you. The best way to keep track of what will be happening in the news is to keep a calendar with key news dates.

In a positive light, you can piggyback on relevant news stories by offering your view or explaining how your business can solve the issue. However, you need to avoid days when an irrelevant story will take over the news. Both journalists and the general public’s attention will be elsewhere, meaning your press release may be missed.

In addition, if you were planning on sending your release on a certain day, but some breaking news is published before you’re able to send it, it is best to wait until the media has calmed down.

Following these three tips should give you an understanding of what to consider when sending your press release to journalists. However, it is always best to find out as much information about the publications and journalists you wish to target!

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