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3 Reasons Why A Business Calendar Is Crucial For Your PR Strategy

When developing your PR strategy, a business calendar is absolutely essential to plan ahead the actions you will take according to what will happen in your business and in your sector.


Being in business is hard, and you’re often rushed off your feet, but it’s also really rewarding. Whatever your business goals, you will always achieve more if you plan your activities and use your time as effectively as possible.

We all have our own calendar, whether it’s using the calendar on our phone or using a traditional diary, but having a business calendar is crucial to being able to plot your goals and aims for the weeks and months ahead.

Here are three reasons why a business calendar is crucial for your PR strategy.


1)  You Can Keep Up To Date With Any Relevant Events To Attend:

Networking events are great ways for making new contacts for your business, and if you use a business calendar you’ll be able to plan ahead to make sure you can go to as many events as possible.

One thing to remember with networking though is to follow up on your initial conversations.

As well as networking events, having a business calendar is also useful for trade shows.

There are hundreds of trade shows every year, and there will be multiple shows and exhibitions for each industry. Start by attending one to test the water, and if you’re confident you can make money from it why not make a plan to exhibit at next year’s event?


2)  Keep A Tab On Key News Dates In Your Industry:

While attending events is important, and may be a quicker solution for gaining clients because it’s more personal, your marketing strategy should also include social media, online content like blogs, and PR.

By having a business calendar you can plan all these things, and when you know the date that key news will be released for your sector, you can make sure you either have a comment ready, or are able to react quickly to the news.

This is especially important in the PR world. With news that’s high on the agenda, if a journalist sees your reaction first it’s likely that you will end up as the spokesperson for the industry.


3)  Have The Ability To Apply For Relevant Awards In Your Sector:

Business is stressful and exhausting a lot of the time, so it’s great to get some recognition for the work you have done.

If you have a business calendar that looks far enough ahead, you can look to enter relevant awards for your industry.

Not only will the awards recognise your work, but you will also be able to use them to increase your exposure if you write a press release letting journalists know if you have been shortlisted or won.


The JournoLink calendar can give you a head start on these three sectors, and we even give you a tailored calendar based on the categories you select when setting up your account.

If you want to be sure not to miss anything in your industry and be able to react on time, a business calendar is essential for your marketing strategy. Trade shows, awards, news dates in your industry are opportunities for you to increase your brand awareness, to get in the media and to meet other businesses. 


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