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Business Tips

3 events small businesses can do to boost their PR

As part of your PR strategy, organising events can be a great idea to boost your brand awareness and connect with journalists and new prospects. Here is a list of events you can do.


Events are a great way to promote your brand other than the traditional PR route. They give you the ability to engage with both new and existing customers, as well as inviting the media to discuss and view your product or service. Holding an exciting event or interesting talk can make your brand memorable and stand out amongst the crowd. Below we’ve listed some events within a small business budget.


Pop-up shops

When launching a business, introducing a new product or celebrating a milestone, pop-up shops are a brilliant way to involve consumers. Through a pop-up shop they’re able to see and test the products, as well as having someone there to answer any questions they may have. This works particularly well for businesses who predominately sell online as customers lose any queries they have over quality and service.

When running a pop-up shop businesses can be very creative, take inspiration from the Guiness Doughnuts, Top Shop's Water Slide, and Cadbury's White Eggs. Giving consumers a memorable and exciting experience can create that initial relationship and convert them into a loyal customer. Creating a buzz around your store could also lead your brand to trend on Twitter and even hit the headlines.


Press Days

Whether holding an event just for your brand or collaborating with other small businesses, press days enable you to connect with journalists, bloggers and broadcasters. By creating a fun and relaxed environment it gives you the opportunity to create relationships with the media without overtly selling your business. You’re able to display your products and discuss how you could work together in the future.

Press days’ work particularly well for fashion based businesses, it gives you the opportunity to show journalists, bloggers and stylists what products you have in your upcoming Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections. Other product based businesses can create events around the idea of Christmas in July or new product launches.


Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great way to reach an audience wider than your usual business and consumer base. With people visiting from both big and small companies and publications, it gives you the opportunity to network with potential partners, customers and journalists. However, it is important to stand out amongst the crowd and be memorable. Having an interesting and interactive stall can make passer-by’s stop to talk and remember your business. Another way is to hold a talk, by speaking to visitors, sharing your knowledge and being helpful.

By taking part in a trade show you can also piggyback on the coverage and social media buzz. For example, most trade shows have a dedicated hashtag, by using this on Twitter you can promote your stall and business to people at the show.





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