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How to create an effective PR strategy in the fashion industry

The fashion industry is a very competitive market, where it is hard to stand out. However, PR is one of the best ways to do so. But how to create an effective PR strategy in the fashion industry?

The fashion industry is a very competitive market making it hard for small businesses to stand out amongst the big brands. Fashion magazines and publications are often filled with household names, leaving little room for the up and coming. However, creating an effective PR campaign can help you get one step ahead of the crowd and your brand in front of the media.

Understanding the landscape

The first step is to research different publications, blogs and influencers that fit your brand and target the same customer base. Understand what they look for and how your brand can work with them. Read previous articles, interviews and gift guides. Understanding what information they need and their style can make pitching your brand a lot easier.

You’ll also need to be aware of lead times. Glossy magazines usually work three to six months in advance, therefore you may be thinking about summer while they’re already planning for Christmas. Remember Christmas starts in July!

Journalists, bloggers and stylists

Creating relationships is at the forefront of a good PR campaign. Now you know which publications and blogs fit your brand, you can start connecting with the journalists and bloggers. Journalists and bloggers can write great features about you and your business, include you in those all-important gift guides and produce excellent product reviews.

However, in the fashion industry it is also important to connect with influencers and celebrities. The best way to do this is to contact their stylists. Fashion stylists can get their clients wearing your products in social media posts, events and magazine photoshoots.

Build relationships by following and interacting with them on social media, especially Twitter. Invite them for a coffee or lunch so you can discuss with them how you can work together. Remember to be helpful rather than a salesman.

Another great way to build relationships and promote your brand to journalists, bloggers and stylists is to hold a press day. This gives them the opportunity to see all your products at once and also find out more information about the business.

Imagery and samples

When pitching your business or responding to a request you need to be prepared with high res imagery and samples. Sometimes journalists will simply choose which business to cover by the quality of the imagery.

You’ll need different variations of images. For example, when a journalist is compiling a gift guide they will often need cut outs of the product. Whereas if a stylist is looking for samples for a photo shoot they will first need to see a lookbook with model shots. In addition, it is a good idea to have high-res portraits of the business owner and the team, in case a journalist is looking to do a feature on the business itself.

Once a journalist, blogger or stylist has decided to use your products they may ask for samples. For example, a blogger may wish to write a review or a stylist would like to use it in a photoshoot. You need to make sure you have enough samples to send and decide whether you would like to gift or loan the products.

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Written By: Camilla Holroyd, Media Relations Executive

Camilla is the all-important portal between JournoLink's businesses and journalists; connecting them on a daily basis through press releases, Twitter engagements and editorial requests.

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