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How can Small Business Saturday help your small business?

JournoLink's top tips on how best to use Small Business Saturday to promote your small business


On 1rd December Small Business Saturday is back in the UK.

For those who have never heard of it, Small Business Saturday is a grassroots campaign started in 2010 in the United States aimed at supporting small and local businesses.

Initially, the objective was to create a ‘day for small businesses’ to raise their profile and to encourage people to use them. It became a huge success, with people shopping locally more than ever before.

As the project grew across the USA it started to attract attention from across the world, and in 2013 was launched in the UK, where it now takes place on the first Saturday of December every year.

As we look to this year, once again thousands of small businesses, from freelancers to start-ups, will take part in this business extravaganza. Here are five ways that Small Business Saturday can help your small business.


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1) Free Advertising:

One large interest in Small Business Saturday is the free promotion.

Who would not be happy to receive free advertising for their business?  When you register for the program you are uploaded into the ‘Small Business Finder’, publicising your small business to all those viewing their platform.

Small business testimonials are often shared on their social media platforms too, giving your business a profile among their official following too. You can also register for a free marketing pack for your shop.


2) Gain Support:

Thanks to the success of previous Small Business Saturday's more organisations are getting involved.

Local authorities, leading business organisations, small business networks and even politicians take part in the event.They show their support by promoting the small businesses on social media, organising local events, and providing free parking tickets for instance.

The more support you can garner from these free platforms the better.


3) Collaboration and Networking:

More important than anything else, Small Business Saturday is another occasion to meet other small businesses and extend your network.

Every opportunity you have for this is essential. And if you don't want to miss your chance, you can read our blog about the main Networking faux-pas and how to avoid them.


4) Get Inspiration For Your Business:

Small and local businesses are given the opportunity to tell their story and share experiences. This is an opportunity to learn and draw inspiration from other business experiences.


5) Be Part Of The Small Business 100:

Every year 100 companies are selected to be promoted during the 100 days leading up to the Saturday. They usually get exposure on social media and in local press, and are also invited to join the team in London.

If you are not registered for this year's event you should take a look at the ways this year's businesses are using the event, and plan your campaign for next year. Take a look at the Small Business Saturday Facebook and Twitter feeds here.

During the year they also organise a bus tour and many workshops. Keep up to date by visiting their website.


At JournoLink we help small businesses interact with journalists in their sector faster through our tailored platform. Find out more about the platform here.


Written by: Julie Cocquerelle


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