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Are You Watching Out For These Three Sources Of Anger In Your Small Business?

In the run up to National Anger Awareness Week JournoLink outlines the three main sources of anger in small businesses.

Running a small business is stressful.

In a previous blog post we outlined ways to deal with stress in business, but lets look at something else that's a problem for lots of small business owners- anger.

Anger comes in lots of forms, and can come from multiple sources. It's important to understand where anger may arise in your business so you can ensure you have processes in place to deal with it.

From 1st to 7th December it's National Anger Awareness Week, so here are three potential sources of anger in your small business.

1)  The Owner:

When you run a small business there are a number of challenges you have to deal with.

Some common questions you ask yourself are: How do I find new clients? What should I do to increase the exposure of my business? What marketing techniques should I use to get my leads?

As you ask yourself these questions you might start to get stressed, and you might even anger yourself at your lack of knowledge in some aspects of business.

It's likely though that you will have the base skills necessary for your industry, and that you've discovered a gap in the market.

As the owner of a small business you are the face of the business.

As well as your product people are buying into you.

Your brand and public relations matter, and appearing angry or stressed will put off any potential clients, and will do the same for any potential employees or co workers.

2)  Staff:

When you get to the stage of employing members of staff or outsourcing bits of work, these people become a part of your business.

Like you they represent the business, especially if they have a client-facing role like sales or customer services.

If an employee is having a bad day, is angry or stressed, or shows any kind of negativity towards a customer, the PR of your brand will take a hit.

Try to ensure your staff are happy, especially when liaising with clients or customers, and encourage them to leave their negativity at home.

3)  Customers:

We've all been there.

In business, as in life, it's hard to keep everyone happy.

Most, if not all, businesses will have experienced unhappy customers.

The difference between those businesses that are successful and those who are not is the way they deal with these unhappy customers.

When a customer is angry it’s important that you listen to their grievance. If they feel their issue is not being listened to this will cause further anger.

In the run up to National Anger Awareness Week there will be a spotlight on these issues, but small businesses encounter these every day.

If you can make sure you have processes in place you will be as prepared as possible to deal with these issues when they arise.

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Written by: Ben Caine, Copy and Content Writer

As a former journalist, Ben helps businesses using JournoLink to write their content, including press releases.

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